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They knew that it would take them a long time to make the ladders more than a dozen long ladders each of which must be light as a reed and straight as an arrow. During the milder days of winter they might work in the open air; indeed, the greater part of their work they must needs do outside the hut.

Next morning the Khoja could not for the life of him remember which was his own horse, and he was much afraid of being cheated if he confessed this to the rest. So, as they were all coming out, he seized his bow and arrow, and aimed among the horses at random. "Don't shoot!" cried the men; "what is the matter?"

I took a bow out of a man's hand, and then an arrow, and fitted it to the string; he made signs that he shot birds with it. Clubs they have, but as far as I saw only used for killing pigs. There is a good deal of fighting on the island, however. Recollect with reference to all these places, that an island fifty or sixty miles long, one mass of forest with no path, is not like an English county.

"The repayment?" exclaimed Maurice, in amazement; "what repayment? what money?" "The ten thousand dollars loaned to you by me, somewhat rashly, and without examining a security which proved to be valueless." In spite of Maurice's astonishment at this unexpected communication, the arrow of this reproach did not miss its mark, but he only said,

Again the arrow did not enter the flesh, but fell at the feet of the monster. Hercules took a third arrow, while the lion, casting his eyes to the side, watched him. His whole neck swelled with anger; he roared, and his back was bent like a bow.

And I could catch fish and I know the best places for berries, and the grapes will soon be ripening. And the plums. I can shoot birds with an arrow. But I belong to mam'selle." "If she will let you come now and then," wistfully. "Yes, I might," with an air of condescension. "Thou art a pretty little lady," was Mère Gaudrion's parting benison to the little girl, and Rose smiled. "Come again often."

The high black doorway of the temple lies like a gash on the face of the cliff, and on one day of the year the ray of light from the rising sun falls through it clean as a shot arrow. The black-robed guardian has been expecting us, he stands waiting, holding his staff of office, and admits us to the interior.

Almost all the other dragons in the world are white, or yellow, green or purple, blue, or pink. Why a fiery red color like that of Mars? The Red Dragon has four three-toed claws, a long, barbed tongue, and tail ending like an arrow head.

"So saying, he arose and gave me a bow and arrow. I took it, and while trying it I left the house; but how I do not know. "The next thing that I remember was being seated on the top of the cliffs of Eagle's Nest, below Lake Pepin. I heard a sound, and soon distinguished my mother's voice; she was weeping. I knew that she was bending over my body.

Each order was executed so swiftly and surely that, in as many seconds, the boat was clear, the oars struck the water with a loud splash, and the husband was shot away like an arrow, and the wife's despairing cry rang on the stony quay, as many a poor woman's cry had rung before. In half a minute the boat shot under the stern of the frigate.