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Boards of Health fix this period of quarantine by law and put a colored placard on the house to warn others of the danger of infection. Colds and Sore Throats. A milder and even more common kind of infection is that known as common colds. These, as shown by their name, were once supposed to be due to exposure to cold air, or drafts, or to becoming wet or chilled.

From this order, which was generally considered as indicating a laudable respect for popular rights, the garrisons of fortified towns and castles were necessarily excepted. But, though William carefully abstained from disgusting the constituent bodies by any thing that could look like coercion or intimidation, he did not disdain to influence their votes by milder means.

"Ask him, some of you," he said, turning to Brace and Crosby, "when this d d farce will be over, and where we can find the head man the boss idiot of this foolery." "Let him put it milder," whispered Winslow. "You got us into trouble enough with your tongue already." Crosby hesitated a moment. "Quand finira ce drole representation? et et qui est ce qui est l'entrepreneur?" he said dubiously.

Amid the violent urgency of events, therefore, one should learn the art of the mariner, who, in time of storm lies to, with sails mostly furled, until milder gales permit him again to spread sail and stretch away. With us, as with him, even a fair wind may blow so fiercely that one cannot safely run before it.

The cold, however, was severe; and by the time the second carriage was in motion, a few flakes of snow were finding their way down, and the sky had the appearance of being so overcharged as to want only a milder air to produce a very white world in a very short time. Emma soon saw that her companion was not in the happiest humour.

One would have said she was weighing this strange man in the balance of judgment, was finding him of sterling stuff, yet was perhaps cherishing a hope, not untinged with malice, that some day a turn of fate might humble him. The Master seemed to sense a little of this, and took a milder tone. "I must compliment you on one thing, madam," said he, with just the wraith of a smile.

Returning to his chair and resuming his former attitude, he said in a milder tone: "I 'low you b'long to the lawyer-makin' class o' schoolmarsters; all the teachers we've had yit b'longed to one o' two kinds.

To outer darkness also, though a milder destiny had been intended them at first, went Anton Ulrich and his Household. Unluckier Household, which once seemed the luckiest of the world, was never known. This is the Chetardie-L'Estoc conspiracy, of 5th December, 1741; the pitching up of Princess Elizabeth, and the pitching down of Anton Ulrich and his Munnichs, who had before pitched Bieren down.

The weather was extremely cold; the sky covered with clouds so that for days they had not a glimpse of the sun. In traversing the highest ridge they had a wide but chilling prospect over a wilderness of snowy mountains. On the 6th of January, however, they had crossed the dividing summit of the chain, and were evidently under the influence of a milder climate.

Nathless, thou mayest search the old knight, but civilly, and with gentle excuses." "And the damsel?" "Nay! that were unmannerly, and the milder our conduct, the larger the ransom, when we have great folks to deal with." The lieutenant accordingly fell back to search Adam's gipsire, which contained only a book and a file, and then rejoined his captain, without offering molestation to Sibyll.

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