But before the beginning of the next one, he seemed to manage somehow to dismiss the thing as an impossible nightmare. An invitation came in from the Crawfords for a dance at the Blackstone, the fifth of December, and he said something about accepting it. "I shan't be here then, Roddy, you know," she said.

Under the date of December, 1822, he writes: "If I know myself, there is no situation within the power of government to bestow which I covet or desire, nor is there one which I would not accept, if the discharge of its duties by me was deemed necessary or useful to my country. I have no ambition to gratify, although I have duties to fulfil."

Her Japanese mariners had their heads all close shaven, except one tuft left long behind, which is the general custom of that country. The 9th, they took two barks, one laden with cocoa wine and arrack, and the other with hens and rice. The 14th of December they met the two Spanish ships returning from Manilla to New Spain, on which a very sharp engagement took place.

On the 16th of December following, our fleet from Toulon, however, cast anchor in the Bay of Naples, and a grenadier of the name of Belleville was landed as an Ambassador of the French Republic, and threatened a bombardment in case the demands he presented in a note were not acceded to within twenty-four hours.

To that city, accordingly, there repaired some 450 of the chief men of Northern Italy, who braved the snows of a most rigorous December, in the hope of consolidating the liberties of their long-distracted country.

The attempt will meet with resistance where it might otherwise receive support, and instead of strengthening the bonds of our Confederacy it will only multiply and aggravate the causes of disunion. State of the Union Address Andrew Jackson December 7, 1835

During the darkness of the night of the 7th/8th December, and in weather such as we have described, portions of the 60th Division clambered down the mountain side, crossed the deep wadi bed in front of the right of our line, and crept up the steep terraced sides of the opposite ridge where ran a portion of the Turkish line.

"The Sacred Concerts!" she exclaimed. Her two sisters, standing by, looked at each other guiltily: "What will the Committee say to us? We entirely forgot the meeting last month." "Is there a meeting this month?" They all looked anxiously at the printed letter. "Yes! The twenty-third of December. Put it down in your book, Amelia."

The expedition had set out from England in December of the year before . Among those who filled the three ships were men already veteran explorers and others who had never been a day's voyage away from their island home. Among the former were Bartholomew Gosnold, who had first sailed for the strange new world some five years before.

Can you not say a few words in prayer in the early part of the service, that I may join with you in prayer for my husband before I return to him? The congregation was deeply affected when the Princess appeared, and the rector, with trembling voice, said: 'The prayers of the congregation are earnestly sought for His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, who is now most seriously ill. This was on December the tenth.