We will begin, therefore, with the animals belonging to the ruminantia the eighth in natural order; taking next the carnivora the fifth; and the smaller rodentia the sixth; while the birds and reptiles will follow in due course.

Poor Reg, spirited up for a while by his brother's courage, proceeded more gingerly with his sweeping, much amazed in the midst of his misery to discover how many walks in life there are beyond the capacity even of the captain of the fifth of a public school. He was not, however, destined on the present occasion to perfect himself in the one that was then engaging his attention.

You had thought, perchance, there was no rite and ceremonial quite so impressive as a head waiter in a Fifth Avenue restaurant squeezing the blood out of a semi-raw canvasback in a silver duck press for a free spender from Butte or Pittsburgh.

On the fifth morning three others of the mutineers bolted up into the air from the desperate arms below that sought to restrain them. Only three were left. "'Better turn to, now? said the Captain with a heartless jeer. "'Shut us up again, will ye! cried Steelkilt. "'Oh certainly, the Captain, and the key clicked. For himself, he would do this, he said, whether they joined him or not.

The total of British investments he places at 5,250 millions of dollars. A third of this was invested in Argentine, a fifth in Brazil and nearly a sixth in Mexico. French investments are placed at about one and a half billions of dollars. The German investments were extensive, particularly in financial and trading institutions.

That was all. And when I thought of that shimmering witch woman with her white skin and shining hair I wanted to put out the light and cry in the dark. Only I've never cried since I was a child and broke my last doll, and I've got so out of the habit that I don't know how to go about it. April Fifth. Aunt Jemima would not think I was getting the good out of my diary. A whole month and not a word!

On reaching Lancaster, I found letters from my brother John, inviting me to come to Washington, as he wanted to see me; and from Major Tamer, at St. Louis, that he was trying to secure for me the office of president of the Fifth Street Railroad, with a salary of twenty-five hundred dollars; that Mr.

The next, which is the fifth era, is a troubled and vexatious period, the era of the independent Subahs of Bengal. Five of these subahs, or viceroys, governed from about the year 1717, or thereabouts.

That there may be a difference between the world as it really is and the world as it appears to man, and that it may be impossible for man to attain to a knowledge of the absolute truth of things, does not seem to have occurred to them. The fifth century before Christ was, in Greece, a time of intense intellectual ferment.

It was at the opening of the fifth week of our life upon the island that a new and more surprising turn was given to our adventure. It arose out of a certain curiosity, harmless enough, on Edith Croyden's part. "Mr. Borus," she said one morning, "I should like so much to see the rest of our island. Can we?" "Alas, Miss Croyden," I said, "I fear that there is but little to see.