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'Have you seen my new book?; or, 'I noticed you published that article of mine yesterday! Presently I found myself in open, scrub-covered country, and singing, quite loudly, the old sailor's doggerel about its being a braw thing to be a 'clairk in an orfiss'; my real thought being that it was a braw thing to be Nicholas Freydon, a clerk in an office, who was very soon to be something quite otherwise.

But a braw lass she " "It's you maun speak to Gourlay, Deacon," said the Provost, brushing aside the reminiscent Coe. "How can it be that, Provost? It'th your place, surely. You're the head of the town!" When Gourlay was to be approached there was always a competition for who should be hindmost. "Yass, but you know perfectly well, Deacon, that I cannot thole the look of him.

"A braw good-night to ye, Jeanie Deans," said the foremost female as the horse passed our heroine; "What think ye o' yon bonny hill yonder, lifting its brow to the moon? Trow ye yon's the gate to heaven, that ye are sae fain of? maybe we will win there the night yet, God sain us, though our minny here's rather dreigh in the upgang."

His chief waved his hat at Roderick and roared: "Come awa ben the kirk, ma braw John Hielanman!" and then he turned to the portly gentleman at his side and said: "That's Angus McRae's boy, Bill. He's my partner now." "Angus McRae's son? You mean Roderick McRae?" The millionaire turned and stared at the young man keenly. He nodded to his brother. "Looks like a likely lad all right," he said.

Had it consisted solely of exhortations to industry and rules of economy, it would have been dismissed with an "Ou ay, it's braw for him to crack that way: but if he were whaur we are, 'deed he wad just hae to do as we do." But by mixing up the science with politics, and giving it an occasional political impetus, a different result may be reasonably expected.

However, I maunna compleen when ye bore sic a braw son to my name. He's a great consolation! Imphm, he is that a great consolation!" The brandy bottle slipped from the quivering fingers and was smashed to pieces on the floor. "Hurrah!" yelled Gourlay. He seemed rapt and carried by his own devilry.

"He's not ower strang yet; ye ken that by lukin' at 'im; but he's a braw lad, a braw lad." The lady turned and looked earnestly into Bachelor Billy's face. "He's the bravest boy," she said, "the very bravest boy I ever knew or heard, of, and the very best. I want him, Billy; I have come here to-night to ask you if I may have him.

His eyes praised her for a braw and bonnie lassie who had responded in fine style to her first-heard pipes, her first-seen kilt; yet his lips had nothing to say but, "Well, what do you think of them?" "Think?" echoed Barrie. "I think it's perfectly unbelievable how any girl can ever marry a man who isn't a Highlander and has no right to the kilt!"

The noise of his rap alarmed some twenty or thirty ragged boys, who left off sailing their mimic sloops and frigates in the little pools of salt water left by the receding tide, and hastily crowded round the vehicle to see what luckless being was to be delivered to the prison-house out of 'Glossin's braw new carriage. The door of the courtyard, after the heavy clanking of many chains and bars, was opened by Mrs.

And when I protested ignorance, he added, "I mean the new grand Government candidate, that has been sae lang in the Netherlands, and was a rebel not so long ago many is the braw lad's head that he has garred roll in the sawdust, I warrant."

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