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Bolingbroke's pencil-case was in it, and the following passage was marked: "Il y a un lieu sur la terre ou les joies pures sont inconnues; d'ou la politesse est exilee et fait place a l'egoisme, a la contradiction, aux injures a demivoilees; le remords et l'inquietude, furies infatigables, y tourmentent les habitans. Ce lieu est la maison de deux epoux qui ne peuvent ni s'estimer, ni s'aimer.

The ladies must excuse my repeating the passage to you, as I know you have Greek enough to understand it: Os rh' epea phresin esin akosma te, polla te ede Maps, atar ou kata kosmon epizemenai basileusin, All'o, ti oi eisaito geloiton Argeiosin Emmenai And immediately adds, aiskistos de aner ypo Ilion elthe "Horace, again, describes such a rascal: Solutos Qui captat risus hominum famamque dicacis,

So that de cote ou d'autre you are sure to know something, and perhaps what may not come to the knowledge of those who furnish materials for the daily papers. The K. is undoubtedly in a state in which he may remain, and a deplorable one it is; deplorable and deplored, I believe, by every honest and feeling man in this country. But he has now a comfort which, as the poet says, none but madmen know.

If there was here and there an elder peasant or his wife who sneered at the pomp of the upstart family, and remembered the days of the long-descended Ravenswoods, even they, attracted by the plentiful cheer which the castle that day afforded to rich and poor, held their way thither, and acknowledged, notwithstanding their prejudices, the influence of l'Amphitrion ou l'on dine.

I am more happy than people would think for Je ne suis pas souvent ou mon corps est I live in a world of recollections, I trample again upon coronets and ermine, the glories of the small great!

Indeed, 'am of opinion that he's no without a hantle o' book lair; for, to do him justice, de'il a question I spier at him, anent the learned names o' the rare plants, that he hasna at his finger ends, and gies to me off-hand. Naebody but a man that has gotten book lair could do yon." "Ou, just a correck knowledge o' the learned names of the plants.

Dawson stammered a few broken words of passionate protest, and then breaking down as he perceived the folly of resisting, he dropped his head and suffered me to lead him out. As I saluted the Moors in going, I caught, as I fancied, a gleam of triumphant gladness in the dark eyes of Mohand ou Mohand.

"Jeames Geogehan," replied Hendry, with the horn spoon in his mouth. Leeby turned to Jess for enlightenment. "Geogehan," repeated Jess; "what, no little Jeames 'at ran awa?" "Ay, ay, but he's a muckle stoot man noo, an' gey grey." "Ou, I dinna wonder at that. It's a guid forty year since he ran off." "I waurant ye couldna say exact hoo lang syne it is?"

"Les calcédoines et agathes de ces couches sont toujours (au moins, je ne les ai pas encore vues autrement) de coraux et autres corps marins pétrifiés. Donc, il faut que les couches de pierres roulées, d'où j'ai tiré ma collection citée plus haut, soyent des débris de montagne» détruites de cette espèce. Il y en a qui sont très parfaites comme celles qui composent ma collection, d'autres méritent plutôt d'être rangées parmi les passages du silex ordinaire, et ses espèces plus fines; d'autres encore sont, en effet, de vraies agathes, mais qui renferment dans leur intérieur plus ou moins de parties non parfaites presque calcaires, qui s'annoncent d'abord par leur couleur blanche, par leur gros grains relativement au reste, par leur opacité, par leur mollesse respective, et souvent même par leur sensibilité pour les acides minéraux. Mais celles, qui sont finies, quoiqu'elles ayent, pour la plupart, une couleur presque noire, ne laissent, cependant, pas d'avoir aussi des teintes plus claires comme brunâtres, verdâtres, rougeâtres, jaunâtres, bleuâtres, tachetées, veinées, etc. Leur clarté n'est pas moins variable, que leur couleur, il y en a de presqu'opaques, comme aussi de presque transparentes, sur tout l

'And how comes that? said Bertram. 'Ou, I dinna ken; I daur say it's nonsense, but they say she has gathered the fern-seed, and can gang ony gate she likes, like Jock the Giant-killer in the ballant, wi' his coat o' darkness and his shoon o' swiftness.