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"'Make it twenty-five, ses the skipper, considering. "'Very good, ses the mate. 'Twenty-five; I can't say no fairer than that, can I? It's about time for another dose now. "He gave 'em another tablespoonful all round as the skipper left, an' the chaps what wasn't invalids nearly bust with joy.

Rupert told her to hush, and she 'ushed, and then he waved 'is hand to 'er to say "good-bye," and afore you could say Jack Robinson she 'ad grabbed up a bit o' dirty blanket, a bundle of assegais, and a spear, and come out arter us. "Back!" ses Rupert in a whisper, pointing. Kumbo shook her 'ead, and then he took hold of 'er and tried to shove 'er back, but she wouldn't go.

"You see," ses Charlie, "if I was robbed, which ain't at all likely, it 'ud only be me losing my own money; but if you was robbed of it you'd never forgive yourselves." "I dessay I should get over it," ses Mrs. Cook, sniffing. "I'd 'ave a try, at all events." Charlie started to laugh agin, and old Cook, who had struck another match, blew it out and waited till he'd finished.

"You leave go o' my lodger," ses Bob Pretty. "You leave go o' my great-uncle my dear great-uncle," ses Henery Walker, as the old gentleman called 'im a bad name and asked 'im whether he thought he was made of iron. I believe they'd ha' been at it till closing-time, on'y Smith, the landlord, came running in from the back and told them to go outside.

He got up off the bed and put his 'ands up as Ginger walked across the room to 'im, but Ginger on'y wanted to shake 'ands, and arter he 'ad done that 'e patted 'im on the back and smiled at 'im. "I'll try it," he ses. "I'd tell any lies for 'er sake. Ah! you don't know wot love is, Sam."

Ses états sont considérables; ils commencent

I went 'ome in the morning with a load lifted off my mind; but I 'adn't been in the 'ouse two seconds afore my missus started to put it on agin. Fust of all she asked me 'ow I dared to come into the 'ouse, and then she wanted to know wot I meant by leaving her at 'ome and going out for the day with another woman. "You told me to," I ses. "Oh, yes," she ses, trembling with temper.

"Uniform?" ses Mr. Alfredi. "Wot uniform? I ain't seen no uniform. Where is it?" Rupert didn't answer 'im, but arter they 'ad gone 'ome he told George that he 'ad 'ad enough of acting and he should go. "Where to?" ses George. "I'll find somewhere," ses Rupert. "I sha'n't starve." "You might ketch your death o' cold, though," ses George.

I 'adn't gorn far afore I heard 'im coming up behind me, and next moment 'e was walking alongside and saying things to try and make me lose my temper. "'Ah, it's a pity your pore missis can't 'ear you! I ses. 'I expect she thinks you are stowed away in your bunk dreaming of 'er, instead of saying things about a face as don't belong to you. "'You mind your bisness, he ses, shouting.

"I thort I'd seen yeh b'fore. Live in the city now, don't yeh?" "Yes." "Want t' git off at th' cross-road?" "Yes." "Come up fer a little stay doorin' th' summer?" "Yes." "On'y charge yeh a quarter if yeh git off at cross-road. Useter charge 'em fifty cents, but I ses t' th' ol' man. 'Tain't no use. Goldern 'em, they'll walk ruther'n put up fifty cents. Yep. On'y a quarter."