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Pratt all talking at once, and nobody listening but the office-boy. And in the middle of it all the wicket was pushed open and the 'ed of the lady wot all the trouble was about peeped in, and drew back agin. "'There you are! I ses, shouting my 'ardest. 'There she is. That's the lady I was telling you about. Now, then: put 'em face to face and clear my character. Don't let 'er escape.

I'm so very, very sorry, and I got dear papa to bring me here to tell you so, and to see if we could do anything to make you well." Again Bobby was rendered speechless, but his mind was active. "Wot!

"Good!" murmured Dave. "Then Merwell and Haskers will be sold outside of getting your clothing." The porter was closely questioned, but could give no very good description of the man who had presented the order for the suit-case. "I was busy waitin' on an old lady wot was sick," he explained. "I jess read that order and got the suit-case, and he went off in a hurry.

'I suppose, said Misery, regarding the owner of the strychnine with a sneer, 'I suppose you're one of them there hired critics wot's goin' about the country doin' the Devil's work? 'Wot I wants to know is this 'ere, said the Semi-drunk, suddenly advancing into the middle of the ring and speaking in a loud voice. 'Where did Cain get 'is wife from?

I am not a candidate for canonisation just now; but repair past neglect and appease my injured shade in the way you wot of. If this is done, I pledge my word that every rat shall forthwith evacuate Rome. Is it a bargain? I see it is; you are one of the good old sort, though fallen on evil days." Renaissance or Rats, Alexander the Eighth yielded. "I promise," he declared. "Your hand upon it!"

He dropped off to sleep at last, scratching 'imself, but about three o'clock in the morning Ginger woke up with a 'orrible start and sat up in bed shivering. Sam and Peter woke up, too, and, raising themselves in bed, looked at the dog, wot was sitting on its tail, with its 'ead back, moaning fit to break its 'art. "Wot's the matter?" ses old Sam, in a shaky voice. "Stop it! Stop it, d'ye hear!"

And touching Bennett on the shoulder in passing, he added: "You come an' see me, my lad, when you feels like goin' a bit in the scinetific line! Mebbe I can tell ye a few pints wot the learned gentlemen in London don't know.

"Wot 'ave you got to say for yourself?" she ses, with a scream. "Nothing," I ses, at last. "It's all a mistake." "Mistake?" she ses. "Yes, you made a mistake leaving it in your pocket; that's all the mistake you've made. That's wot you do, is it, when you're supposed to be at the wharf? Go about with a blue 'at with red roses in it!

A man, I says, wot wasn't afeard to swing, if so be as he could act honourable and fulfil his bargain." "I'll pay anything. Hush! pray. Don't speak so loud. What must my servants think? Consider the frightful risks I run. Why should you wish to make me utterly miserable to drive me out of my senses? I'll pay anything anything to be free from this intolerable persecution."

'If you don't take pocket-handkechers and watches, said the Dodger, reducing his conversation to the level of Oliver's capacity, 'some other cove will; so that the coves that lose 'em will be all the worse, and you'll be all the worse, too, and nobody half a ha'p'orth the better, except the chaps wot gets them and you've just as good a right to them as they have.

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