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"As you have sometimes said, there is the posterity of Cain and the posterity of Abel. In the great human drama Cain is in opposition. You are descended from Adam through that line, in which the devil still fans the fire of which the first spark was flung on Eve.

Cain and his noble wife in vain. I have much to thank them for. I was Jail Evangelist at this time for the W. C. T. U. and I learned that almost everyone who was in jail was directly or indirectly there from the influence of intoxicating drinks.

"Except, I believe, the Enterprise, which is a sister-vessel. By heaven! it's a fair match," continued Cain, his feelings of combativeness returning for a moment; "and it will look like a craven to refuse the fight: but fear not, Francisco I have promised you, and I shall keep my word." Cain went on deck, and surveyed the vessel through the glass.

When you brought out the bag that night, I heard you and a man talking. You said to the man, 'You hae brocht the curse o' Cain upon me. Noo, an ye had naething to do wi' the murder, what did ye mean by that?" The man's face grew very dark. "She cross-questions me," he muttered to himself. Then controlling his emotions, he affected to laugh, and said: "How you do twist and turn things, Rose!

To love is not crime." "To dare to love with the curse on my head that I feel as Cain felt it is crime. In the Eye he saw it always as I I see it. To touch you it is like bringing the crime and curse on you, and through your beautiful love making you suffer for it. See, Amalia? It was all I could do to go out of your life and say nothing."

Cain will now cry, "My punishment is greater than I can bear;" Judas will hang himself; and both Belshazzar and Felix will feel the joints of their loins to be loosened, and their knees to smite one against another, when conscience stirreth.

Such was his confession at the time to the priest who laid the penance of the Church upon him. So he went out into the world like another Cain, and God in His own time was merciful to him. Still, the wounded effigy of the Saviour and the blasted larch tree remain as witnesses on earth against him.

So Adam and his wife went out into the world to live and to work. For a time they were all alone, but after a while God gave them a little child of their own, the first baby that ever came into the world. Eve named him Cain; and after a time another baby came, whom she named Abel. When the two boys grew up, they worked, as their father worked before them.

Cain remained on board, going round the lower decks to ascertain if any of the wounded men were left; he then quitted the schooner in the last boat and followed the others, being about a quarter of a mile astern of the second, in which Hawkhurst had secured his place.

Suppose that by a variation of the black race it had produced the white man at any time you know that the Negroes are said to believe this to have been the case, and to imagine that Cain was the first white man, and that we are his descendants suppose that this had ever happened, and that the first residence of this human being was on the West Coast of Africa.

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