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Just think what a nice time you could have ridin' around these roads in that noisy, smelly little car of his, and waitin' at the gate when he went in to see the Smith baby. Why why I'd like to do it myself!" "Yes, I'd like it too; but Mother is always saying that it's a pity that he is a general practitioner instead of a specialist. It's only the specialists that make money and get on."

"I'm waitin'," said Buck with growing intensity, utterly ignoring the explanation. But Beasley's hatred of the man could not be long denied. Besides, his last attempt had changed the attitude of the onlookers. There was a lurking derision, even contempt in their regard for him. It was the result of what had occurred before Buck's coming. They expected him to talk as plainly as he had done then.

"Yeronner," said Attendant Mike Horan as he helped Judge Pollak into his black bombazine gown in his chambers in the old Post-Office Building on the morning of the return day, "there's a great bunch out there in the court room waitin' for ye, an' no mistake!" "Indeed!" remarked His Honor. "And who are they? What is the case?"

I stood up before the glass jest before I went out to the gate where Abram was, waitin' for me, and I looked as pretty as a pink, if I do say it. 'Self-praise goes but a little ways, my mother used to tell me, when I was a gyirl; but I reckon there ain't any harm in an old woman like me tellin' how she looked when she was a bride more'n sixty years ago."

I have two horses waitin' for us at the end of this vile road, an', plase Providence, we'll ride onwards a bit, to a friend's house o' mine, where I've a priest ready to tie the knot; an' to-morrow, if you're willin', we'll start for America; but if you don't like that, we'll live together till you'll be willin' enough, I hope, to go any where I wish. So take heart, darlin', take heart.

So I found this place, an' here I've stayed, restin' an' recuperatin' an' waitin' fur you fellers to come back. I didn't want to shoot, 'cause them that I didn't want to hear might hear it, an' 'cause, too, I knowed how to set traps an' snares." "We saw one of them as we came along," said Henry. "They've worked bee-yu-tiful," said Long Jim, an ecstatic look coming over his face.

"Not now I don't want to go now. I I'm not ready." "There's no time like to-night, honey. My brother came with me in the boat. We've got horses waitin' an' the preacher came ten miles to do the job." Then, with the wisdom born of many flirtations, he dropped argument and wooed her ardently. The anchors that held the girl to safety dragged.

'An' there's your chair waitin' for you beside the fire, Mr. Irons, this month an' more a cowld evening and we all wondherin' what in the wide world was gone widg ye this I do'no how long. 'Thank ye, Ma'am a pipe and a glass o' punch. Irons was always a man of few words, and his laconics did not strike Mistress Molloy as anything very strange.

But she kep' on a-pesterin' me, an' at last I said I would come an' arst him... an' while I was waitin' outside the church I hears the damned feller a-prayin' and sayin' "All flesh is grass, and the grass withereth" his voice quivered and broke again 'an' onct I heard my old mother say them very words when she was a-dyin', more'n forty year ago, in the old country.

"I believe you, sir," answered James; "but," he went on, with an attempt at humour, "it wouldn't be so much for you to do after all, seeing you would straightway find yourself in a much better place!" "Maybe whaur the penitent thief sat, some auchteen hunner year ago, waitin to be called up higher!" rejoined the soutar with a watery smile.