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Moreover, though he was for Bridgeboro, once, last and always, his attitude was uniformly combative toward older boys, high school boys in particular, and toward high schools generally. He would be chary of the privileges he granted to these "big fellers" whom he knew so well how to "handle." But in the light of the camp-fire he saw visions of huge war profits in these impending combats.

He was cautious, too, about the motorboat and the companion who had taken Carline down the river, till Slamey burst out: "I know that feller. He's a bad man; he's a river rat. If he don't kill Gus Carline, I don't know these yeah riveh fellers. They use down thisaway every winter. I know; I know them all. I leave them alone, an' they leave me alone.

"Now, see here, Buck," answered one, taking a single step ahead of the others, and hollowing his hand as a trumpet to speak through, "it don't look to us fellers as if this affair was any of your funeral, nohow, and we 've come 'long ahead of the others just on purpose to give you a fair show to pull out of it afore the real trouble begins. Sabe?" "Is thet so?"

Before the negro could reply, he added: "Was you on the Harvard football team, Siner? Guess the white fellers have a pretty gay time in Harvard, don't they, Siner? Geemenettie! but I git tired o' this dern town! D' reckon I could make the football team? Looks like I could if a nigger like you could, Siner." None of this juvenile outbreak of questions required answers.

"No," said Soapy, shaking his head, "I guess Bud ain't dead yet, fellers. I wonder who gave him that eye, Kid? An' his mouth too! Did ye pipe them split lips! Kind o' painful, I guess. An' a couple o' teeth knocked out too! Some punchin', Kid! An' Bud kind o' fancied them nice, white teeth of his a whole heap!"

Maybe it was all right for you fellers to get your horse and wagon back this morning, but you shouldn't have meddled to-night." "I guess maybe that's right," nodded Darrin sulkily, "but you went in too strong in getting even. You had no call to cripple us for life." "Oh, I guess it ain't as bad as that," muttered the boss tramp, though there was uneasiness in his voice.

"This way, fellers Come along!" he heard Wid Gardner call out, high and clear; for that night Wid also was of the upper guard. But they were not running in his direction. They seemed to be back on the street. All at once Sim Gage solved his little problem. This Chinaman had been sent to do this work sent by the owner of that house yonder, the engineer, Waldhorn. That prisoner must not escape now.

"Give 'em another whack all around, fellers," shouts Costigan, "while I help the loot'n'nt down;" and so, with a laugh, Drummond gives it up, and after one last wistful glance out over the desert, turns to pick up the binocular, when it is struck, smashed, and sent clattering down into the cañon by a shot fired not twenty yards away. "Fur God's sake come quick, sir!" gasps Costigan.

I thort so continooal that I had ter leave school in order ter git time ter think in, so havin learnt all there was ter learn, I left school ter the fellers as thort so little that they didn't need much time fer it an now I shall put on paper such thort as most folks can tackle, but some er my thort is so thortful that most any body couldn't understand it, an so no more until Ive thort again.

I killed that whaling old Woodchuck that pooty nigh killed Paw. They couldn't do a thing without me them fellers in camp. They tried an' tried more'n a thousand times to get that old Woodchuck yes, I bet they tried a million times, an' I just waited till they was tired and give up, then I says, 'Now, I'll show you how. First I had to point him out. Them fellers is no good to see things.