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An even then poor Soapy wasn't finished, for every time the padre got a chance 'e'd 'op round an' 'ave a chat, as 'e called it, wi' Soapy, the chat being a cross-examination worse'n a Court-Martial on what chapter Soapy 'ad been readin, an' full explanations of same. Soapy was drove at last to readin' a chapter, so 'e could make out 'e savvied something of it.

We looked, and for a moment could make nothing out, on account of a silvery sheen which dazzled us. When our eyes grew used to it we saw that the chest was three-parts full of uncut diamonds, most of them of considerable size. Stooping, I picked some up. Yes, there was no doubt of it, there was the unmistakable soapy feel about them. I fairly gasped as I dropped them.

"Sure I am, Mas'r Harry, if you are," said Tom; and then and there he pulled off his great, greasy leather apron and soapy white slop, and fetched his shiny jacket out of the boiling-house.

In the air there was the scent of him, of walls, and washing, and red herrings. The two young people took their seat on the window-sill. "May we open the window, Mrs. Hughs?" said Thyme. "Or will it hurt the baby?" "No, miss." "What's the matter with your wrists?" asked Martin. The seamstress, muffing her arms with the garment she was dipping in soapy water, did not answer. "Don't do that.

A large number of species have been found to curdle milk without rendering it acid, several render it bitter, and a number produce a "tainted" and one a "soapy" taste. A score or more have been found which have the power of rendering the milk slimy.

His companions pretended not to notice how worried he was, but they watched him so closely that he was never out of the sight of at least one of them. Soapy had decreed the boy's death by treachery, but his friends were determined to save him and to end forever the reign of Stone as a bad man.

"We'd like to ask a question or two regarding what happened last night in Christie Place." The cab driver's forehead corrugated; he closed his razor, laid it down and shoved his' soapy face toward the speaker. "Say," spoke he, roughly. "I drives people wherever they wants to go; but I don't ask no questions." "It's all right, Mr. Sams," said Ashton-Kirk.

The servants have just finished some washing, and I was making sure if the work had been well done. Pray excuse me, and come in here for a moment; it is perhaps best that I should be the first to know the news." So saying, she led him past the kitchen to a little room which served as scullery and wash-house. A tub full of soapy water stood there, and some dripping linen hung over some wooden bars.

The Gunner tapped out his pipe on the heel of his boot and began to re-fill it. 'If you'll believe me, he said, 'that padre got poor Soapy pinned down so he was readin' near a chapter a day which shows the 'orrible results that can come o' a little bit of simple deception. 'An' how is Pint-o'-Bass goin' on wi' his Testament? asked the Lead Driver.

One of these is in the middle of the village, bubbling out from a little cone of mud to which the ground rises all round like a volcano in miniature. The water has a soapy feel and produces a strong lather when any greasy substance is washed in it. It contains alkali and iodine, in such quantities as to destroy all vegetation for some distance around.