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There had better be less than carry the color to a deeper shade. The object of using the iodine is to form a compound with bromine that is not so volatile as the bromine itself. No matter how little iodine is combined with the bromine, the vapors possess their relative proportion; hence, only enough iodine to prevent "flaring," or as it is often termed a "scum-coating," is used.

The iodine box should be kept clean and dry. The plate immediately after the last buffing, should be placed over the iodine, and the coating will depend upon the character of the tone of the impression desired.

Whereon My Lady, being no more able to get conversation out of him than a song out of a dead nightingale, determined to go off and leave him, and the doctor, and Captain Swinger the agent, to snore in concert every evening to their hearts' content. So she started for the seaside with all the children, in order to put herself and them into condition by mild applications of iodine.

Compresses, wet in a solution composed of half an ounce of muriate of ammonia, three drachms of the fluid extract of belladonna, and a pint of water, are beneficial, and should be continuously applied. The tumor may be scattered by painting it once a day with tincture of iodine. FOR ERUPTIONS. The treatment of these should be mainly constitutional.

Stiff joints are occasioned by anchylosis, or the deposit of calcareous or osseous matter within the ligament or around the head of the bone, which latter defect is known as ring-bone in the horse. 'Treatment'. Stimulating friction to the parts, such as spirits of camphor, or camphorated liniment, mercurial ointment, tincture of iodine, opodeldoc, blistering, c.

In this connection it is a significant fact that those minerals which are congenial to the system, that is, those which in their organic form enter into the composition of the body, are much more easily eliminated if they have been taken in the inorganic form, than those substances which are naturally foreign and poisonous to the human organism, such as mercury, arsenic, iodine, the bromides, the different coal-tar preparations, etc.

The Iodine in the sea-air, Mrs. Lecount the notorious effect of the Iodine in the sea-air!" "You arrived yesterday, Miss Bygrave, did you not?" said the housekeeper, as soon as the captain's deluge of language had come to an end.

Essentially, it may be pictured as a series of jelly bubbles secreted by outlying cells. A relatively high percentage of iodine is the unique distinctive fact in its chemistry. Discovered by Baumann in 1895, the presence of the element has focused the intelligence of chemists upon the gland, with the consequent demonstration of arsenic also in it.

Either of the following will answer this purpose: We used on one occasion tincture of iodine with perfect success in an old and obstinate case. This is a rather indefinite term, as applied to the diseased ear of a dog; in fact, any malignant corroding sore may be called a canker, no matter where situated.

They were not unlike, the two children. This boy was more sturdy, not so fine, perhaps, but eminently likable. He was courageous, too. The iodine had not been pleasant, but he had only whistled. "And nothing happened to the other boy, because of the germs?" "I don't know. He never came back. He was a funny boy. He had a hat like father's. Gee!" Nikky took his departure, followed by Pepy's eyes.