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Great crimes, too, provoke more than they terrify; and there is no poisoning all that are provoked, and all that are terrified; who alternately provoke and terrify each other, till common danger produces common security. The Bourbon monarchs will be both angry and frightened, the Cardinals frightened. It will be the interest of both not to revive an order that bullies with arsenic in its sleeve.

The indictment charged the prisoner with the wilful murder of Francis Blandy by administering to him white arsenic at divers times between 10th November, 1750, and 5th August, 1751, in tea, and between 5th and 14th August, 1751, in water gruel. The prisoner pleaded not guilty, a jury was duly sworn, and the indictment having been opened by Mr. Barrington, Bathurst began his address for the Crown.

It takes him about two weeks to hatch and get away from these breeding places; so that if everything of this sort is cleaned up carefully once a week, or if, where manure heaps and garbage dumps have to remain for longer periods, they are sprinkled with arsenic, kerosene, corrosive sublimate, chloride of lime, or carbolic acid, he will perish and disappear as surely as grass will if you wash away the soil in which it grows.

"The antiseptic qualities of arsenic are also well known, and have been known for centuries. Chemical analysis of the mummies of Egypt to-day shows the presence of arsenic in large quantities in every portion of their substance.

Capt Lewis took a Dost of Salts to work off the effects of the Arsenic, we Camped on the S. S. Sailed the greater part of this day with a hard wind from the S. E. great deel of Elk Sign, and great appearance of wind from the N. W. ordered a vote for a Serjeant to chuse one of three which may be the highest number the highest numbers are P. Gass had 19 Votes, Bratten & Gibson

The Indians were evidently so pleased at having drawn a retort from their prisoner that he declined to gratify them further, or to speak another word, though for some time Arsenic continued to beguile him with his tiresome "Tea, shug," etc. When the latter finally gave it up and started away to get his share of the feast, Cabot's gaze followed him closely.

That is the last I ever saw of the girl." "When did he kill her?" "I guess he did it Friday night." "How did he do it?" "Well, if you will go to our room you will find a hypodermic syringe, which I think will tell the whole story." "What do you mean?" "Well, he had a bottle of white stuff in the room, and I asked him what it was. He said it was arsenic and cocaine.

His hand suddenly caught Charley's as he took a cigarette, and he said: "Perhaps I'll find arsenic a good thing yet." For reply Charley laid a hand on his arm-turned him towards the shade of the houses opposite.

Nick has a nice easy job at a salary considerably in excess of ye average country editor, and he gets it all in gold roubles instead of post-oak cord-wood and green watermelons, albeit his felicity is slightly marred by an ever-present fear that he may inadvertently swallow a few ounces of arsenic or sit down on an infernal machine. Nick is emphatically an emperor who emps.

The hard biscuit also made a magical disappearance, and when all were gone, Arsenic, looking up with a hideous grin, uttered the single word: "More." "Good!" cried Cabot, "he can talk English. Now look here, young man, if we give you more all you can carry, in fact, of pork, bread, flour, tea, and sugar, will you show us the road to the nearest mission Ramah, Nain, or Hopedale?"

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