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We find that very soon the pain begins to moderate, and ere long it has ceased. If it has to be applied more than once, cayenne is greatly to be preferred. The pepper does not hurt the skin, the mustard very soon does. A cold damp towel, folded at least four-ply, and placed properly, after being sprinkled well with cayenne, has an excellent effect.

"Do you know," said Dora, as they went up the broad steps, sprinkled with straw and hayseed, "that what are called common cows are often really better than Alderneys, or Ayrshires, and those sorts? And this is the second story! How splendid and vast! What do you have here?"

He wore a beard and moustache, which, like the locks on his head, were short, curly, and sprinkled with gray hairs. "So, youngster," he said, with a Sardonic smile, while I felt his grasp tighten on my shoulder, "the villains have been baulked of their prey, have they? We shall see, we shall see. Now, you whelp, look yonder." As he spoke, the pirate uttered a shrill whistle.

Then serve with a tablespoonful of chopped parsley sprinkled in the soup.

The burning of the lamb signifies the death of Christ. The libation signifies that everywhere in the entire world, by the preaching of the Gospel, believers are sprinkled with the blood of that Lamb, i.e., sanctified, as Peter says, 1. Ep. 1, 2: Through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ.

The sacred fluid was then sprinkled on the clergy, the Czar, and all dignitaries, and finally on the sacred emblems, banners, guns, etc. Men and women, aye, wise as well as foolish, of every rank, now crowded forward, and on bended knee besought their Patriarch to sprinkle and to bless them.

On that islet I was born, and I am told that they sprinkled me with water and named me Olaf, after my father's father. There, through the summer tide she stayed in safety. But when the days grew short and the nights weary and long, and when the wintry weather came upon us, then she left her hiding place and set forth with her folk into the Uplands, travelling under the shelter of night.

More resolute and business-like, the boys row their boat far up the bay; then I see a sudden gleam of white bodies, and then the boat is empty, and the surrounding water is sprinkled with black and bobbing heads.

Later, the vivid orange of the afterglow burned with a transient splendor, as the dying smile of a day that had gone to its eternal grave; and all the West was one vast evening primrose of palest gold sprinkled with star dust, when Beryl went slowly to join the figure pacing restlessly in front of the gate. Across the grassy lawn he came to meet her.

As an appetizer nothing is better than a cake of unleavened bread rubbed with a raw onion, sprinkled lightly with salt and placed in the oven for a few minutes to dry. Buttered and eaten hot, it adds a relish to breakfast or tea.

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