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Just then the breakfast bell rang, and Mary walked along the passage with the hot cake and eggs; but no one ran against her, for the boys tidied slowly into the room, and took their places at the table in the most dejected way imaginable.

They study nature more than splendour, for which reason, the guests being seated in threes, instead of couples as elsewhere, they place the dishes before them all at once upon rushes and fresh grass, in large platters or trenchers. They also make use of a thin and broad cake of bread, baked every day, such as in old writings was called LAGANA; and they sometimes add chopped meat, with broth.

"I tell you what, young Lydia, if you were ten years older and I were ten years younger " Lydia leaned against his knee and took a large bite of cake. "You'd take me traveling, wouldn't you, Mr. Levine?" she said, comfortably. "You bet I would, and you should have your heart's desire, whatever that might be. If any one deserves it you do, young Lydia."

"Have some more tea, then," said Mr. Norton, "that always makes people feel wiser." "Father, aren't you talking nonsense?" said Olly, stopping in the middle of a piece of cake to think about what his father was saying. "Very likely, Olly. People always do at picnics. Aunt Emma, when are you going to tell us your story?"

Why, thou'dst say 'Pooh! to a cannon-ball! My faith, boy, dost understand what this doth mean?" "Ay," said Nick; "that I be hungry." "But, Nick, upon my soul, thou art to sing with the Children of Paul's; to play with the cathedral company; to be a bright particular star in the sweetest galaxy that ever shone in English sky! Dost take me yet?" "Ay," said Nick, and sopped the honey with his cake.

When morning broke, however, rain was pouring in torrents, and a picnic on the grass became altogether out of the question. So, after early dinner, our hall was cleared, and the business of cutting up bread-and-butter and cake and preparing the tea began. Two or three Indian women had made their appearance, and were soon hard at work with merry faces and busy hands.

Several seats were thus left unoccupied, one of which a tall, dark, foreign-looking man, with eyes concealed by a green shade, was about appropriating to himself, when a wee little hand was laid on his and a sweet baby voice called out, "That's my mamma's chair, big man, mamma gone after cake for Nina!"

His anger forthwith vanished, and his hand was stayed; but as if urged on by ruthless fate, the mother-in-law, and the sister, and Brandonia herself, ill as she was, attacked Gian Battista with the foulest abuse and reproaches; this was the last straw. He went out and sought his servant, and told the fellow at once to make a cake and put a poison therein.

"She shall have some cake, Dexter," said Helen kindly, for she could not help, in spite of her annoyance, again feeling pleased with the boy's remembrance of others. "And I say," he cried, "when she does come, we'll have a ha'porth o' snuff screwed up in a bit o' paper, and has he got any gin?" "Hush, hush!" whispered Helen. "But she's so fond of a drop," said the boy earnestly.

Gower, I only know one thing; I shall never give him any of my own cake again, because he looked just as if he was going to die, or have a tooth drawn, all the time he was eating it to-day." Then they disappear, still hand-in-hand, in search of the refractory puppies, and Portia, turning to Sir Mark, says softly: "What am I to think now? How is it with them? Have they "