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It is very impartial in its judgments, and remarks, among other things talking of the life of the local garrison: 'They make frequent visits, send out invitations, and organise picnics. In the town they get up charity concerts, balls, sports, and horse-races.

'And since then? said her hearer, after another pause in which he seemed to have forgotten himself. 'Since then, said Mrs. Bywank, 'there have been balls and picnics and dinners enough to take one's breath away. But it don't seem to me she can enjoy them much she comes home so often with a sort of troubled look that I can't understand.

There were chickens and cows to look at; there was Zip to play with, and Muffin too; and there were lovely places in the woods where they could take their lunches and have picnics. "Grandma Bell's is the nicest place in the world!" said Rose. "That's what!" exclaimed Russ.

There were certain festivals, for example the Lupercalia, the old ceremony of purification on February 15, for which a reverence was still felt; and others like the Parilia, the birthday of Rome, on April 21, or the Anna Perenna festival on March 15, which involved open-air celebrations and picnics. These and others like them were always kept up, while many others were totally neglected.

They are nearly all French Canadians and Irish people." "Then you like dancing because there are no gentlemen to dance with?" "There are gentlemen at the picnics." "The picnics?" "The teachers' picnics. They have them every summer, in a grove by the pond." There was, then, a high-browed, dyspeptic high-school principal, and the desert-island theory was probably all wrong.

It is going on a picnic, and he says those picnics of theirs last half the night. What he got from the noise they were making was that they were raising dust again, and something's on for to-night." "They'll leave somebody there. Their stock has to be looked after." "This fellow says they drop everything and go. The whole outfit.

"I hate school," began Judy, sticking in a hat-pin viciously, then she stopped and laughed, "No, I don't, either. I don't hate anything since father came back." "Not even cats?" asked Anne, demurely. "No. You know I love Belinda." "Nor picnics?" "Not Fairfax ones." "Nor books?" "I just love 'em thanks to you." "Nor nor boys ?" mischievously.

The many flower festivals are made occasions for family picnics when all care seems thrown to the wind. There is a simplicity and a freshness and a freedom from worry that is delightful to see. But it is also remarked that a change in this regard is beginning to be observed.

He tried to repress a shudder. 'I think, do you know, I ought to go to-day. 'Well, why not? Why not? Just to reassure yourself that all's well. And come back here to sleep. If you'd really promise that I'd drive you in. I'd love it. There's the jolliest little governess-cart we sometimes hire for our picnics.

"It is just the jolliest picnic I ever was at," said Graham, helping to wash and clear away, and re-stow spoons and forks. "Of course it is," said Phil. "There never can be another quite so nice: it is my first one, you know." "Yes; just think of it, and it's my fiftieth, I suppose; but then you must not think all picnics like this.