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Promise." "I promise," said Olive, wonderingly. "But why not?" "It is of great value, for one thing, and But there there are many reasons. For one thing it is my duty to get it for you." "Wouldn't you like to jump down for it?" she asked mischievously. "Listen." She stooped for a stone and dropped it down.

At last he shouted out: "Enough!" flung himself with all his force into the water, that spurted up as if a huge block of stone had been thrown into it, held his head for a long time under water, and then went up the marble steps of the bath shaking his head violently and mischievously in his boyish insolence, so as thoroughly to wet his friends and servants who were standing round the margin of the basin; he suffered himself to be wrapped in snowy-white sheets of the thinnest and finest linen, to be sprinkled with costly essences of delicate odor, and then he withdrew into a small room hung all round with gaudy hangings.

"I'm not used to walking so much and I'm too tired to go myself." "You want me to run up the hill after a doll!" asked the boy, laughing. He began to believe his pretty cousin was very fond of joking. "Something might happen to her before you saw her," he added mischievously. The pond was a charming sheet of water. Trees lined its edges in summer, and it was a great place for sport in winter.

Rorie roused himself with a great effort. "Unless Starlight Bess spins me along the road pretty quickly, I shall hardly get to Briarwood by dinner-time," he said; "and upon my honour, I don't feel the least inclination to go." "Oh, what fun if you were absent at your coming-of-age dinner!" cried Vixen, with her brown eyes dancing mischievously.

By the way," I added, a little mischievously, I confess, "allow me to make known to one another, Mrs Charles Selwyn, once Caroline Stanhope, and Colonel Jervis." Jervis bowed low, but his cheek and brow burned a little, and he looked sharply at me out of the corner of his eye; but I preserved such a demure face, that he did not quite know whether I was au fait or not.

Again inspecting the girl with a close scrutiny that made her cheeks burn, Ryder said: "I rather expected " He stopped for a moment as if uncertain what to say, then he added: "You're younger than I thought you were, Miss Green, much younger." "Time will remedy that," smiled Shirley. Then, mischievously, she added: "I rather expected to see Mrs. Ryder."

"I must know best what I ought to do." After that my man put the tip of his forefinger to his nose, and exclaimed: "Oh, so!" I looked at him with tight-shut lips, giving vent to a slight "H m, h m!" At that he raised his eyebrows, lifted his fat finger with a warning gesture, and smiled mischievously; whereat I shrugged my shoulders, and the mutual understanding was perfect.

All of them laughed, and as he was now at one side of the mirror he could not see himself. But Harry mischievously turned it, and then it dawned on the Chief that it was simply a perfect representation of himself.

And I have the strongest desire to experiment in some of those things which I have missed.... Ballin," he exclaimed, "how lovely your daughters are!" The young Earl of Moray glanced up mischievously. "Do you think, sir," he drawled, "that I have made the best selection under the circumstances? Sometimes I think I ought to have made up to Ellen instead of Dorothy."

It need hardly be said that within the limits of what the Church is committed to there is room for very wide differences of opinion; it is also true that these limits have, in different times of the Church, been illegitimately and mischievously narrowed by prevailing opinions, and by documents and formularies respecting it.

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