So we went ashore and had no adventures at all, but sat in a balcony and listened to pretty good music, and noted the few drowsy figures in the side streets, the glow of lamp or brazier on their heavy draperies, contrasting with the starlight and the deep velvety shadows moth-like colouring, and intense repose, after the glittering, howling day.

"Or to have had me swallowed by a shark, thousands of miles out of sight of land, and then you might have told the story for yourself." "O, I did not mean to complain of your story; and I dare say if it had happened to one of us, it would have been the greatest event in our lives." "Just like my night in the woods which Fanny's starlight night reminded me of.

His finger was on his lips as we got out softly into the starlight. Moreover, we dropped into a very desert of a country road, nor saw a soul when we doubled back beneath the outer study windows, nor heard a footfall in the main street of the slumbering town. Our own fell like the night-dews and the petals of the poet; but Raffles ran his arm through mine, and would chatter in whispers as we went.

"I think," he returned, gravely, "that the only change in me is that I admire you more than I have ever done" And these words filled her with the keenest sense of rapture yet they were but commonplace enough, if she had only realized it. Lord Arleigh raised his hat from his brow and stood for a few minutes bareheaded in the starlight.

The porter's rap came unexpectedly soon, and in response to the question, "What is the weather?" he said, "Not utterly bad." There is plenty of starlight; there had been through the night plenty of live thunder leaping among the rattling crags, some of it very interestingly near. We rose; there were three parties ready to make the ascent.

A mist of smoke had switched off the gleam of starlight, and the moon and mock-moons wore the tarnished hue of silver that has lost its burnish. The ghosts of the aurora no longer trod their measure of stately minuet. They had passed into the world of shadow to which they rightly belonged.

He could just manage to dimly make it out in the darkness, for very little starlight found entrance through an opening aloft in the interlocked treetops and branches. Even as he looked Steve felt sure he saw some object move as though it were possessed of life. That caused him to have another nice thrill that sent a shiver up and down his spine.

It was late when Sundown finally departed, He grew anxious as he rode across the mesas, wondering if he had not taken advantage, as it were, of Gentle Annie's good nature, and whether or not the chickens were very hungry. Chance plodded beside him, a vague shadow in the starlight. The going was more or less rough and Pill dodged many gopher-holes, to the peril of his rider's equilibrium.

"Daisy," said Rex, gently, as he led her away from the lights and the echoing music out into the starlight that shone with a soft, silvery radiance over hill and vale, "I shall never forgive myself for being the cause of the cruel insult you have been forced to endure to-night. I declare it's a shame. I shall tell Pluma so to-morrow." "Oh, no no please don't, Mr. Rex.

"She walks in splendor like the night " "Zoe, you're losing your head." "Splendor! This is me. Marble terraces rugs that slide only I want peacocks that strut and tails that open like fans and starlight him " "Who?" "Silly darling nobody the world life." There was no restraining her. She smoothed her mother's hair only to kiss it awry again. She fluffed a fragrant cloud of powder along her neck.