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What, then, this fierce Irish cheer meant was that the chickens were coming home to roost; and that the Tories were now reaping the harvest of their own sowing. With grave face the Old Man waited until the storm had spent itself, and then he went on to make a little slip, which for the moment gave his enemies an excellent opening. He spoke not of the resolution, but of the revolution.

Some of the chickens dangled in front of the women by strings tied to their waists: the chickens were alive, of course. On the tops of their heads the women wore enormous straw hats, with brims large enough to act as umbrellas and to keep the rain off their shoulders. The ferry-boat, packed with them and these straw hats, was worth seeing, like a grand-stand in a shower hidden by umbrellas.

"Oh, I'll be able to do a lot of business figuring in that time. It won't be wasted." They fell into happy picture-making of their future. Lydia wanted to have chickens and a garden, she said. She'd always wanted to be a farmer's wife an idea that caused Paul much laughter.

Twist was engaged in these activities, at his home in Clark all the things Edith could think of that he used most to like to eat were being got ready. There was an immense slaughtering of chickens, and baking and churning. Edith, who being now the head servant of many instead of three was more than double as hard-worked as she used to be, was on her feet those last few days without stopping.

The effect was to bring as near as possible the condition of the warm months; these paid very well. Ducks are less frequently raised than chickens and often realize good returns. The popular fallacy that ducks require a stream or pond is gradually passing away.

Oh yes, the first cousins of the chickens who lived in the yard of the three happy children. Their first cousins are called ducks. Most of them are white but a few are black. Their coats are very smooth, and the skin under them sends out little drops of oil like drops of perspiration. This keeps the water and the rain from wetting the ducks through and through.

Then she would remain idly there, surrounded by chickens, ducks, and great, greedy geese, which she fed, breaking the bread between her white fingers, while Duna and Bundas crouched at her feet, pricking up their ears, and watching these winged denizens of the farmyard, which Marsa forbade them to touch.

The old man set the dwarf cautiously down and opened the street door; and then, the dwarf on in front, they both began to climb up the narrow stairs, which were more like a rickety ladder for hens and chickens than steps for respectable people.

You keep your chickens in your own yard, and we'll keep our cats in our own house." "Compromise: you get a dog," suggested the doctor. "Perhaps I may. I've always wanted a poodle." "I said a dog!" said the doctor, lifting his lip. "A poodle! In Hynds House! The lamented Sophronisba had a bloodhound." "The lamented Sophronisba could have what she chose. This Sophronisba prefers a poodle."

She hated to leave Andrew, the dogs and the chickens, the cows that she did not fear quite so much, the great orchard, the long reaches of meadows, and the woods where the birds sang so enchantingly. But Aunt Lois had not grown into her heart, and she stood greatly in awe of Uncle James, who had a way of speaking sharply to her.