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"Ca ne fait rien," she cried encouragingly. Then she found that the Somali had risen to his knees, and was gazing skyward with every token of abject terror. At the same instant a strange commotion broke out in the camp. Through the open side of the tent she saw Europeans and natives all looking in the one direction northwards. The Britons and Arabs had an air of profound astonishment.

"Je pars sans regret avec la conscience d'avoir fait mon devoir. "Prévenez donc mes parents le mieux que vous pourrez; qu'ils ne cherchent pas

DOWNRIGHT. Prate again, as you like this, you foist* you. Your consort is gone. BOBADILL. Well, gentlemen, bear witness, I was bound to the peace, by this good day. EDWARD KNOWELL. No, fait, it's an ill day, Captain, never reckon it other. But, say you were bound to the peace, the law allows you to defend yourself. That will prove but a poor excuse. BOBADILL. I cannot tell, sir.

Sophie Mitoux had hers painted with a coral comb and earrings. How shabby this style is!" "I beg of you, my good Reine, let me follow my own fancy; an artist is a being of inspiration and spontaneity. Meanwhile, you make your bust too prominent; there is no necessity for you to look as if you had swallowed a whale. L'art n'est pas fait pour toi, tu n'en as pas besoin.

"We kivered them, fait', will inough!" shouted the other grave-diggers. "Do ye belave, Colonel," said the dry person, again, "that thim ribals'll lave us a chance to catch them. Be me sowl! I'm jist wishin to war-rum me hands wid rifle practice." The others echoed loudly, that they were anxious to be ordered up, and some said that "Little Mac'll give 'em his big whack now."

They were both of them about to become mothers, and if no one interfered, as soon as this accursed War was over their men would marry them. "But," said Vivie, "suppose your husband and these corporals are married already, in Germany?" "Qu'est-ce-que ça fait?" said Mme. Oudekens. "C'est si loin." By making these little concessions she had already saved her youngest son from deportation to Germany.

Je l'ai fait souffrir et souvent. I was outrageous. AKH! What a marvellous time that was! Do I bore you?" "No, not at all." "Then I will tell you about our evenings. I used to go that stairway, every flower-pot I knew, the door-handle, all was so lovely, so familiar; then the vestibule, her room. . . . No, it will never, never come back to me again!

And then they knew him to be equally au fait on the flavor of wines, the points of horses, the merits of every watering-place, and all the other lore which in their world gave pre-eminence. They had been educated to have no other ideal of manhood, and if an earnest, straight forward man, with a purpose, had spoken out before them, they would have regarded him as an uncouth monster.


From that moment the Duke appeared to be au fait of the business in hand, and ready to cope with the details as they from time to time presented themselves." The Duke seems to have been more alarmed at the state of the nation about 1819 than the nature of the case justified; deceived, probably, by the official "reports" of Messrs. Castles and Co.