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Bodies of armed men had indeed been remarked in unusually large numbers in the streets all the morning, increasing and concentrating towards twelve, but everyone had grown so accustomed to these demonstrations for the past three years, since they had been inaugurated in Ulster by Sir Edward Carson, that nobody had taken any particular notice.

Of this he took a copious dram, observing he had already taken his MORNING with Donald Bean Lean, before his departure; he offered the same cordial to Alice and to Edward, which they both declined. With the bounteous air of a lord, Evan then proffered the scallop to Dugald Mahony, his attendant, who, without waiting to be asked a second time, drank it off with great gusto.

He was, however, old and indulgent, and the recurring interregnum, during which Edward was entirely freed from his discipline, occasioned such a relaxation of authority, that the youth was permitted, in a great measure, to learn as he pleased, what he pleased, and when he pleased.

Elinor's heart thanked her for such kindness towards Edward, though she could not forbear smiling at the form of it. "If he would only have done as well by himself," said John Dashwood, "as all his friends were disposed to do by him, he might now have been in his proper situation, and would have wanted for nothing. But as it is, it must be out of anybody's power to assist him.

But what can I do, Captain Waverley? everything will keep after its kind, whether it be a hawk or a Highlander. Edward made the expected answer, in a compliment upon his possessing so many bold and attached followers.

"Come," said the trapper, taking Jane by the hand; "I feel assured there is truth in that child's face. Let us hasten on." "If you go, I do," said Edward; "I can stand as much, and more than you can." "And I," said Sidney. "If the antelope goes, I will go to defend her," said the chief, following, as the trapper, with Jane, moved away in the darkness, in the direction whence the sound had come.

"I remember I remember me now," said Edward, passing his pale womanly fingers over his forehead. "The heathen rage against thee. Ah! my poor brother, a crown is an awful head-gear. While yet time, why not both seek some quiet convent, and put away these earthly cares?" William smiled and shook his head.

Here is the message: 'Will be with you in half an hour. Signed 'Edward. ... Yes, that's right. Thank you. Good night." I hung up, gave the door a touch that shut it in his face and went back into the dining-room to throw open the windows. The place smelled of alcohol; the moral atmosphere left behind by that bad old man sickened me.

A young man had fallen on the floor, and lay stone dead with a ghastly wound crushed into his temple, while over him, with a delirium of mingled rage and horror in his countenance, stood the youthful likeness of Mr. Smith. The murdered youth wore the features of Edward Spencer. "What does this rascal of a painter mean?" cries Mr. Smith, provoked beyond all patience.

"Without an instant's hesitation, Edward." "It is a tempting one. And then, look at the other side, Edith. Only four hundred dollars a year, instead of six hundred and fifty." "I feel it as no temptation. The latter sum, in the present case, is by far the better salary, for it will give us higher sources of enjoyment.