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He taught her to love verses told her how to recite them. I am engaged at this cafe you will find me here the same hour every day, in case in case You are good and kind, and will come and tell me that Gustave is well and happy even if he forgets me. Au revoir! Stop, you do look, my poor Frederic, as if as if pardon me, Monsieur Lemercier, is there anything I can do?

On public grounds it will even be attended with benefit, as it will insure the Yangtze being kept open; for supplies will be sent up to them from Shanghae, and they will have an opportunity of examining the Poyang Lake besides. If any of the vessels were lost or seriously injured, it would be a very different matter. Au reste, Dieu dispose. December 24th. Noon.

He mounted and called, 'Au revoir, M. le Capitaine. 'Au revoir, M. le Commandant, cried Beauchamp. 'Admiral and marshal, each of us in good season, said Roland. 'Thanks to your promotion, I had a letter from my sister. Advance a grade, and I may get another. Beauchamp thought of the strange gulf now between him and the time when he pined to be a commodore, and an admiral.

Fill your pipe, and, while you smoke, confide your cares to me, put me wise, or, as your French cousins would say, make me 'au fait." "Well," began Adam, when his pipe was well alight, "in the first place, Mr. Belloo sir, I begs to remind you, as Miss Anthea sold her furnitur' to raise enough money as with what the 'ops will bring, might go to pay off the mortgage, for good an' all, sir." "Yes."

Think of nothing except that Sidney is getting better every hour, and sing to-night as though your voice could reach his bedside. Au revoir!" He waved his hand to her as she drove off, and returned to the Hotel de Paris. He found a refreshed and rejuvenated Simpson smoking a cigarette upon the steps. "To lunch!" the latter exclaimed. "Afterwards I will tell you my plans."

When you have unmade your toilet you may touch that bell, and you will be nicely buttered and salted for the iron. A polite and gentlemanly attendant will occasionally turn you, and I shall take pleasure in looking in upon you once in a million years, to see that you are being properly done. Exceedingly sultry weather, Madame. Au revoir." .... The funeral of the Rev.

We camped on a little knoll under an enormous tree at the far end of the village street, and a short time after the tents were up we had a visit from the Shan magistrate. He was a dapper energetic little fellow wearing foreign dress and quite au courant with foreign ways. He even owned a breech-loading shotgun, and, before we left, sent to ask for shells.

The eyes of the rabbit man glittered. "Excuse me, sir," he went on. "I must try and sell some rabbits." "Au revoir," said Andrews holding out his hand. The rabbit man shook it with sudden vigor and went off, making a rabbit hop before him along the curbstone. He was hidden by the swiftly moving crowds.

Le mamelouck ne savoit rien de ma débauche. Pendant ce temps il avoit acheté une oie pour nous deux. Il venoit de la faire bouillir, et, au défaut de verjus, il l'avoit accommodée avec des feuilles vertes de porreaux. J'en mangeai avec lui, et elle nous dura trois jours.

If it were in Egypt, or Petræ, or amid the sand-covered columns of Phrygia, every tourist company in the world would be arranging excursions to it; and there would be special chapters devoted to it in the supplementary readers of the schools; and you wouldn't be well, just au fait, if you didn't know; but do you know this wonder-world is in America, your own land?

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