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I may as well state in this place that he spoke the French about as well as an Englishman who has lived long enough on the continent to fancy he can travel in the provinces without being detected for a foreigner. Au reste, his accent was slightly Russian, and his enunciation whistling and harmonious.

"C'est trop, c'est beaucoup trop," interrompit le duc; "des privilèges, si vous voulez, mais pas le reste." On lit les commandements. Le duc les commente. Il en est deux qui le gênent: "C'est très bien dit; mais il est des cas c'est diablement difficile d'obéir.... Ah! pour celui-l

And then might the Masons sette vpon the reste, but not afore. This Churche did thei vse to builde, aftre the facion of a crosse, and not vnlike the shape of a manne. And therefore ought to be made somwhat rounde, and muche shorter then the body of the churche.

Hippolyte was waiting among the other servants with our peignoirs, and presently he clapped his hands to insure attention, and shouted, "Il ne faut pas que Madame la Baronne reste trop longtemps se mouillant les pieds, elle prendrait froid, mieux vaut sortir de l'eau!"

Two or three months at Berlin are, considering all circumstances, necessary for you; and the Carnival months are the best; 'pour le reste decidez en dernier ressort, et sans appel comme d'abus'. Let me know your decree, when you have formed it.

COSIMO. Truely this reasonyng of yours, I thinke to bee well considered, notwithstanding beyng almost contrarie to that, whiche till nowe I have thought, my minde as yet doeth not reste purged of all doubte, for as muche as I see manie Lordes and gentelmen, to finde them selves in time of peace, thorough the studies of warre, as your matches bee, who have provision of there princes, and of the cominaltie.

"Faudra bien qu'il reste ici je ne vois pas d'autre moyen," said the Father. "Enfin on verra. Attendez quelques instants." "C'est bien." Brother Etienne went out. Ol' Chief was pulling the Boy's sleeve during the little colloquy, and saying, "You tell." But the Boy got up like one who means to make an end. "You haven't any time or strength for this "

Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles; la dorure en reste aux mains, and in Mabel's case the idol had been more than tarnished, and had lost rather its divinity than its gilding.

"Don't tell me you've dislodged the Fury?" Winnington shook his head. "J'y suis j'y reste!" "I thought so. There is no civilised way by which men can eject a woman. Tell me all about it." Winnington, however, instead of expatiating on the Maumsey household, turned the conversation to something else especially to Nora's first attempts at golf, in which he had been her teacher.

And those who knew did safely lead him through ye Towne. "Ye honoured Relicks my Sonne and I did place in ye Spanish Chest and convey by Lantern light to that safe Place beyond ye Walls. So shall they Reste till happier Times shall Dawne. "Strange that this Day should bring such Honour to Mine House." Win's eyes grew interested and excited as he studied this message from the past.