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These rare qualities and your honourable character will link me to you eternally." In 1822, when O'Meara was slandering Lowe's character, the Czar Alexander met his step-daughter, the Countess Balmain, at Verona, and in reference to Sir Hudson's painful duties at St. Helena, said of him: "Je l'estime beaucoup. Je l'ai connu dans les temps critiques."

Quand je pense a toi et aux enfants, a la petite maison, a la petite riviere et a tous les details de cette delicieuse existence que nous passons ensemble, il me faut beaucoup de courage pour rester ici seul a terminer mon travail." When my husband reached home, I was still in bed, and unwilling to let him come to me for fear of infection; but he would not hear of keeping away.

Of his birth some said one thing, some another; I know he was beaucoup gentil, and his heart, it was a lion's! Once, when there was trouble with the Chipp'ways, he went alone to their camp, and say he will fight their strongest man, to stop the trouble.

One of these functionaries approached them with eagerness and with a "Mesdames sont seules?" receiving in return from her ladyship the slightly snappish announcement "Non; nous sommes beaucoup!" He introduced them to a table larger than most of the others, and under his protection they took their places at it and began rather languidly and vaguely to consider the question of the repast.

"Confiteor Deo omnipotenti," murmured the priest; and tremblingly one little sister followed the words, "Je confesse a Dieu, tout puissant que j'ai beaucoup peche par pensees c'est ma faute c'est ma faute c'est ma tres grande faute." The organ pealed forth as mass ended, the throng slowly filed out, and the sisters paced through the courtway back into the brown convent walls.

For her beauty, we have the testimony of sober Madame de Motteville, who also speaks of her as havingbeaucoup de lumière et de sincérité;” and in the following passage very graphically indicates one phase of Madame de Sablé’s character: “The Marquise de Sablé was one of those whose beauty made the most noise when the Queen came into France.

A la vérité, son Français se ressent du sol. Il a beaucoup d'anglicismes et de locutions vicieuses; et la raison n'en est pas difficile

He was clothed only in a dressing gown and a blood-stained nightshirt, groaning and semi-unconscious. "Jambe casse, beaucoup mal casse," explained the French scholar. "Apportez-le vite apres moi," said Morris. This order having been translated by the youth, several stalwart sailors lifted up the injured man, and, placing the tarpaulin beneath him, took hold of it by the sides and corners.

What then was wanting? Unfortunately everything was wanting. He cared not for music, or animals, or, in recent years, for the chase. He himself divulged the secret, in words uttered to Gallois in the days of his power: "Je n'aime pas beaucoup les femmes, ni le jeu enfin rien: je suis tout

Thank 'em, merci beaucoup. But don' marry 'em unless 'you love 'em. Ba'teese, he know. Ba'teese, he been in too many home where there is no love." "True. But you don't know the story behind it all, Ba'tiste. And I can't tell you except this: I got in some trouble. I'd rather not tell you what it was. It broke my father's heart and his confidence in me. He he died shortly afterward."