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"What do you want, Charley?" "Please will your grandfather lend us his fuel-house to try over our parts in, tonight at seven o'clock?" "What, are you one of the Egdon mummers for this year?" "Yes, miss. The cap'n used to let the old mummers practise here." "I know it. Yes, you may use the fuel-house if you like," said Eustacia languidly.

A bush of crinkly yellow hair topped his red, freckled face, with a flattened nose and prominent mouth cast in the rough mould of the negro type. His almond-shaped eyes leered languidly over the high cheek-bones.

Sah-luma laughed languidly, a faint color warming the clear olive pallor of his complexion. "Aye, poor tender little soul, she loves me,".. he said carelessly "That is no secret! But then all women love me, I am more like to die of a surfeit of love than of anything else" He moved towards the open window "Come!

He was too familiar with Indian etiquette to make an advance, and in fact his interest was but languidly aroused. The men sat about the larger fire smoking. It was the hour of relaxation. In the blaze their handsome or strong-lined brown faces lighted good-humouredly.

Fane spoke up languidly: "It rather looks as though we were the down-and-out delegation at present; doesn't it, Orchil?" "I don't know," said Orchil; "it seems a trifle more promising to me since I've had the pleasure of seeing Captain Selwyn face to face. Go on, Percy; let the horrid facts be known."

When I opened my eyes languidly the room was so dark that I could scarcely make out a chair against the wall, and the window-panes were crusted with frost and snow. At once I was wide awake, and all the incidents of the morning flashed into my mind.

The whole apartment seemed to mingle the furtive disclosures of the dressing-room with the open ostentations of the stage, with even a slight suggestion of the auditorium in a few scattered programmes on the floor and chairs. The inner door opened again with a slight theatrical start, and Susy, in an elaborate dressing-gown, moved languidly into the room.

Lupin walked up and down the room, breathing out long luxurious puffs of smoke from his excellent cigar, and watching Victoire with a humorous eye. He walked across to his book-shelf, and scanned the titles of his books with an appreciative, almost affectionate smile. "This is a very pleasant interlude," he said languidly. "But I don't suppose it's going to last very long.

Her skin was white with a positive whiteness of rare marble and her cheeks and lips flamed with blood's own red. The sheen of her hair was that of a raven's wing, and her eyes scintillated with the blackness of polished jade. The pale girl, whom Grauble introduced as Elsa, languidly reached up her pink fingers for me to kiss and then sank back, eyeing me with mild curiosity.

Miss Sternberger rose languidly to her feet. "Well," she said, "I guess I'll take a stroll and go up to bed." "Don't be so fidgety, Miss Sternberger; sit down by me and talk." Miss Sternberger smiled. "I'll see you later, Mrs. Blondheim; and don't forget that preparation I was tellin' you about Sloand's Mosquito Skit. Just rub the bottle stopper over your pillow and see if it don't work."