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A Persian, when apprized of this utterance, said: "When the United States delegation strove to hinder Italy from annexing Fiume and obtaining the territories promised her by a secret treaty, they accomplished their aim because they refused to give way. Then they took care not to lose their fight.

Delegation of the Missionaries JOHN WESLEY stationed at Savannah Has a conference with Tomo Chichi His Preaching deemed personal in its applications He becomes unpopular Meets with persecution Leaves the Province and returns to England CHARLES WESLEY attends Oglethorpe to Frederica Finds himself unpleasantly situated Furnished with despatches for the Trustees, he sets out for Charlestown, and thence takes passage for England By stress of weather the Vessel driven off its course Puts in at Boston, New England His reception there Sails thence for England After a perilous voyage arrives BENJAMIN INGHAM also at Frederica Goes to Savannah to apprize John Wesley of the sickness of his brother Resides among the Creeks in order to learn their language Returns to England CHARLES DELAMOTTE at Savannah Keeps a School Is much respected GEORGE WHITEFIELD comes to Savannah His reception Visits Tomo Chichi, who was sick Ministerial labors Visits the Saltzburgers Pleased with their provision for Orphan Children Visits Frederica and the adjacent Settlements Returns to England Makes a second voyage to Georgia, and takes efficient measures for the erection of an Orphan House.

It is a rather peculiar coincidence that both James A. Garfield and R. B. Hayes were members of the Ohio delegation in the Thirty- ninth Congress, and both afterwards arrived at the Presidency. James A. Garfield was a man of extraordinary ability. I was very intimate with him during our service in the House.

President of the Russian Delegation, A. Joffe." Major Brinkmann has communicated this by telephone to the German delegation, already on the way here. Herr von Kühlmann has sent a telephone message in return that he is continuing the journey, and will arrive at Brest this evening.

The "general" replied that his "division" was too much exasperated to render it prudent for a delegation from the enemy to enter town, and therefore declined to grant the request. At the same time he promised to send out strong details to attend to the sad duty.

Within an hour a delegation came from no less a person than Yasmini herself, bearing her compliments, and hot food savory enough to make a brass idol's mouth water. By that time King had his sets of surgical instruments and drugs and bandages all laid out on one of the beds and covered from view by a blanket.

The next morning, which was Saturday, Colonel Nicholls sent a delegation of four men up to fort Amsterdam, with a summons for the surrender of "the town situated on the island commonly known by the name of Manhattoes, with all the forts thereunto belonging."

Old Peyton Randolph, who had so largely guided the deliberations of the first Continental Congress, was at the last moment prevented by ill-health from attending the second. His place in the Virginian Delegation was taken by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was not yet thirty when he took his seat in the Continental Congress, but he was already a notable figure in his native State.

On the way back the New York delegation discussed this new plan enthusiastically, and Miss Anthony wrote home that there was a strong wish in the society to widen its object so as to include universal suffrage, believing this to be the case.

When a delegation of strikers met her, inquirin' about one D. O'Hara Heegan, it says like this," and Billings read laboriously as follows: