I said to Si last night I should stand it till 'bout Friday, seein' 'em lay on the grass there, but if she didn't take 'em in then, I should go over and offer to help her. She has a fire in the settin'-room 'most every night, though we ain't had a frost yet; and as near's I can make out, she's got full red curtains hangin' up to her windows.

A cool, dry greenhouse suits it best; or it may be grown in a sunny room window where frost would not be allowed to reach it in winter. Unless subjected to very dry treatment during the winter months, and also kept in a position where all the sunlight possible would reach it even when at rest there is not much chance of this plant producing its large flowers.

Well, it may be six months ago, or it may be seven, at any rate a good while before that cursed frost began, the mere name of which sends a shiver down every bone of my body, when I was riding one afternoon from Dulverton to Watchett" "Dulverton to Watchett!" I cried. "Now what does that remind me of? I am sure, I remember something "

For that he died more gloriously, that he disputed with the Sophists more subtilty; that he watched in the frost more assiduously; that being commanded to fetch innocent Salaminius, he refused to do it more generously; all this will not serve.

'That would be like old times, and we could make her very comfortable. I would train those two ponies for her drives 'I wish she would remain here, said his father; 'but she is bent on becoming my aunt's tenant. 'Ha! That is next best! They could do nothing more commendable. Will they be a windfall for the House Beautiful? 'No, said Mrs. Frost.

In the Forests, whether you will or not, you live in sunshine that is the very elixir of life; and though the frost sting at night, it is the sting of pulsing, superabundant life, not the lethargy of a gradual decay.

"I know nothing about potatoes and all such vermin!" cried Conrad in a passion, it being something new to him to have an unknown, and, as it seemed, an insignificant person lord it over him: "But that metals and rocks have life and motion in them every body is aware, that they grow up and die away, and that, as there is sunshine and moonshine here above, rain and mist, frost and heat, so there are vapours and blasts there below, which burst in and rush out, and boil invisibly in the dark there, and mould themselves into shape.

Ten years later, 1890-1891, another very prolonged winter occurred: the frost began on the 6th of December, and, with scarcely a break, continued till well into February. The feature of this frost was the fine settled weather, and the warmth of the midday sun in the brilliant air, when skaters could sit on the river banks and enjoy their rest and lunch in its rays.

"You are making trouble for me," the latter began. "You did the square thing in pulling out the weak frames, but they're not replaced, and I can't run the gravel train across the spot. As the back track is nearly ballasted up, I don't know how I'm going to use the locomotive and cars." "The frost is stopping us," said Festing. "It is not our fault."

Her lips trembled; she obeyed him, looking slowly from the cool sky to the tree-tops, where the heavy leaves were still damp with the night's frost. "Yes, it is morning!" she said. "We have all the day!" Watching her intently, he did not add, as would the common lover, "we have many days"; she seemed to him so beautiful, so naïve that her words must compass perfection.