"'Minds me o' Baffin's Bay," growled Slag, with a mighty slap of the arms between each word. Mitford seemed to think any remark superfluous, for he only groaned. "Pity it's too dark to see yer face, John," said Terrence. "It must be a sight worth seein'. Och, av I only had a good-sized pocket-han'kicher I'd wrap me feet in it, anyhow." "Suppose we cut some grass and try that?" suggested Mitford.

"Why, I thought you knew I felt so from the way you looked at me." "But I can't help the way I look, can I?" "Well, I've told you now, so it ain't a secret. I've thought about askin' you for more than a year ever since you smiled at me one Sunday in church while Mr. Mullen was preachin'." "Did I? I've quite forgotten it!" "I suppose you have, seein' you smile so frequent.

"H-m-m-m!" says Mr. Robert. "You realize that Briscoe is one of the leading mining authorities in the country, I suppose, and that we pay him a large salary as consulting engineer?" I nods. "I know," says I. "And the nearest I ever got to seein' a mine was watchin' 'em excavate for the subway. I'm admittin' all that." "I may add too," goes on Mr.

His ma's money that she had left him made him fairly luxurius as to comfort, and he had plenty of money to go sight seein' as much as he wanted to. He went to all the theatres, and operas, and shows of all kinds, and museums, and the Brooklyn Bridge, and circuses, and receptions, and et cetery, et cetery.

His face was heated and flushed as Allie had never seen it. A stupid surprise showed there. Slowly his hand moved up to cross his lips, to brush through his red hair; then with swifter movement it swept back to feel the door, as if he wanted the touch of tangible things. "Reckon I'm seein' 'em again!" he muttered to himself. "Oh, Larry I'm Allie Lee!" she cried, holding out her hands.

They asked me anxiously "where Josiah wuz and why he didn't come?" And I told 'em, "that Josiah had told me that mornin' that he felt manger, and he had some corns that wuz a achin'." So much wuz truth, and I told it, and then moved off the subject, and they seein' my looks, didn't pursue it any further.

One day he's with old Putty Leveson another he's drunk as a lord in the gutter an' another he's butterfly huntin' with a net, lookin' like a fool but allus about the place allus about an' he's got a face that a kid would scream at seein' it in the dark. I wish he'd find another situation in a fur-off neighbourhood!"

But," she wrote, "I don't know what you'll say when I tell you that my old man and some others have made me believe that seein' I've an heir of my own flesh and blood, I ought to change that will of mine, so I've made another, and if Maude Matilda dies you'll have it yet.

Wat. You young liar! I saw you talking to her not two hours ago! Bill. Did ye now, sir? That's odd, ain't it? Bless you! I talks to everybody. I ain't proud, sir. Wat. Well, do you see this? Bill. That's one o' them tilings what don't require much seein', sir. There! Bright as a butterfly! T'other twin, sir! Wat.

In a moment more he was shown into the study, and was passing through it to go to the cottage-room, when Johnston laid his hand on his arm. 'The maister's no up yet, sir, he said, with a very solemn look. 'He's been desperate efter seein' ye, and I maun gang an' lat him ken 'at ye're here at last, for fear it suld be ower muckle for him, seein' ye a' at ance.