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It wuz named for Charles IV., who they say discovered it, Charle's Bath or Carlsbad. His statute stands in the market-place and looks quite well. Carlsbad has a population of twenty or thirty thousand, and over fifty thousand people visit Carlsbad every summer to drink of the waters.

There was a deeper look of pain in them now. "I'd ruther not tell," she muttered. "You need not be afraid." "Well, he wuz arguin' with me. He said there wuzn't any good women in the world. 'Why, sez he, 'I seen a woman this very day that everybody thinks is as good as the angels up in heaven, but when I tell you whut I know about her you'll "

"Why did you stop, Julius?" I asked. "I did n', suh," he replied. "'T wuz de mare stop'. G' 'long dere, Lucy! Wat you mean by dis foolis'ness?" Julius jerked the reins and applied the whip lightly, but the mare did not stir. "Perhaps you had better get down and lead her," I suggested. "If you get her started, you can cross on the log and keep your feet dry."

Besides, I kind o' think there's some cussed jealousy on another lay as comes in. Yer see the young feller Cyrus Foster's his name is sweet on thet gal of Jeff Johnson's. Jeff wuz to Laramie before he come here, an' Foster knowed Sally up thar. I allow he moved here to see her. Hello! Ef thar they ain't a-coming now."

I wuz er comin' ter hunt yer!" Breathlessly she continued talking, her words half lost in the sound of the wheels. Apparently she did not see the stranger sitting by Jos's side. "Oh, Jos, thar's the terriblest news come! Thet Injun Alessandro's got killed; murdered; jest murdered, I say; 'tain't no less. Thar wuz an Injun come down from ther mounting with a letter to the Agent." "Good God!

It wuz one of the houses, outside and inside, where more pains had been took with the porticos and ornaments than with the underpinnin'. It had a showy and kind of a shaky look. And I found that that extended to Cephas'ses business arrangements. Amongst the other ornaments of his buildin's wuz mortgages, quite a lot of'em, and of almost every variety.

I had been expectin' him for over three weeks every day. But in all the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, there wuzn't another day that would satisfy him; he had got to come on jest that day, jest as I wuz fryin' my nut cakes for dinner. I tried to put him off till another day. But no! He said it wuz his last trip, and he must have his rags.

But the look of determination, and resolve, and bravery, that wuz ploughed too deep in his face to be smoothed out, even by the mighty hand that had lain on it.

The colorin' of this picter is superb. And so wuz his "Persian Horse Dealers" and others. Mr. Melcher's "Sermon" and "Communion" wuz very impressive, as nateral as the meetin'-housen and congregation at Jonesville and Zoar. In the Holland Exhibit wuz all kinds of clouds painted Clouds a-layin' low in sombre piles, and clouds with the sun almost a-shinin' through 'em.

It told the hours of day and night too, for Robert did love what he called a good time, and I presoom Bonnie Jean read the face of that old clock with anxiety and weariness writ in her own face when the small hours struck and her Robbie wuz away with gay companions.