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Wrenn, the schoolmaster at Harrodstown, had writ at Polly Ann's bidding. I have the letters yet. For Mr. Wrenn was plainly an artist, and had set down on the paper the words just as they had flowed from her heart. Ay, and there was news in the letters, though not surprising news among those pioneer families whom God blessed so abundantly.

Now where did Hawley go after he left you?" "To Fort Larned." "After those fresh horses?" "Yes." "He didn't bring them to you; I know that. Where has he been since?" "Topeky and Leavenworth." "How do you know?" "He writ me a note the boss herder brought." "Hand it over."

"Why did you not speak of this before?" broke in Chauvelin roughly. "Let me see the letter." The woman produced a soiled and dank scrap of paper from beneath her apron. Of a truth she could not read its contents, for they were writ in English in the form of a doggerel rhyme which caused Chauvelin to utter a savage oath. "When did this come?" he asked. "And how?"

He showed such skill in riding, and with "the ribbons," that some persons supposed that his talents must be very considerable in other matters, and affected to regret their misuse; there were reports that he knew Latin better than his own chaplain; and was, or had been, so diligent a student of Holy Writ, that he could give you chapter and verse for every thing.

"Now, I shall have Jobson on my shoulders about these d d papers I doubt I should not have destroyed them, after all But hang it! it is only paying his fees, and that will make all smooth And now, Miss Die Vernon, though I have liberated all the others, I intend to sign a writ for committing you to the custody of Mother Blakes, my old housekeeper, for the evening, and we will send for my neighbour Mrs.

But to a mind like Henrik's the step from darkness to light was not wide. There was that something in his soul which enables man to say to the Lord of life and death The dreaded judgment-doom in thine own hand is writ, We kiss it; bow our heads, and silently submit.

And if, as we are assured by Holy Writ, such loftier beings DO exist, why should they not communicate with, and even love, human creatures, provided those human creatures are worthy of their tenderness? Certainly, viewed by all the chief religions of the world, there is nothing new or outrageous in the idea of an angel descending to the help of man."

Then he works in a direct course to the beach, where everything is writ large and plain to his understanding. Of his own motive he never ventures inland without a compass, and with that in his hand he is safe, even in a strange place and out of sound of the sea. Hamed tells a wonderful story of a ride that befell him in his early youth.

Shakespeare's London held about a quarter of a million souls, on generous computation, and it is said that about 15 per cent. of the number found employment and their means of livelihood on the river. The writ of the civic authorities did not run on the south side of the Thames, and it is to this that we owe the existence of so many houses of amusement in Southwark.

Graham said he should move at once for a writ of 'habeas corpus'. But the judge could not do less than his duty, the law must have its way. As in the stupor of a sudden calamity, and not fully comprehending it, Mrs. Hawkins saw Laura led away by the officer. With little space for thought she was, rapidly driven to the railway station, and conveyed to the Hospital for Lunatic Criminals.