At least, he made use of an Arab proverb of a similar tenor. "However, I will consider the matter. In the meantime, I will receive you and the other Nazarene as guests in my tent, where you will be pleased to exhibit the various articles you possess." Of course, I said that we should be delighted, though I suspected what would be the result of exhibiting our property.

Even then the herd will not drink together, but a portion will act as watchers, to give notice of an enemy should it be discerned while their comrades slake their thirst. It is a curious and inexplicable fact that certain animals and varieties of birds exhibit a peculiar shyness of human beings, although they are exposed to the same conditions as others which are more bold.

It has been judiciously remarked that pathological facts, or, to speak in common language, diseases in their different forms and degrees, afford in the case of physiological investigation the most available equivalent to experimentation properly so called; inasmuch as they often exhibit to us a definite disturbance in some one organ or organic function, the remaining organs and functions being, in the first instance at least, unaffected.

The interests that grow out of a meeting like this, should bind us with new strength to the old eternal duties." In a later address before the same association, Emerson says: "I object, of course, to the claim of miraculous dispensation, certainly not to the doctrine of Christianity. If you are childish and exhibit your saint as a worker of wonders, a thaumaturgist, I am repelled.

His exact whereabouts could not be fixed. What an exhibit for London! Did he realise his own value, he would soon come forth. I joke, but the existence of this antique person is firmly believed in. Sparrows are called 'spadgers. The cat wandering about got caught in the rat-clams i.e. a gin.

But however they may have arisen, what especially interests us at present is, to remark that, once in existence, varieties obey the fundamental law of reproduction that like tends to produce like; and their offspring exemplify it by tending to exhibit the same deviation from the parental stock as themselves.

"You don't mean to say you took Propriety to that house?" "Yes; why not? It's the jolliest house in Kingsdene." "But fancy taking poor Propriety there. What did she say?" "Say? She scolded a good deal." "Scolded! Poor little proper thing! How I should have liked to have seen her. Did she open her purse and exhibit its emptiness to the company at large?

It derives its name from the Norman family of De Courcy, and is a place of much interest. The pier-capitals exhibit great variety of carving, some having rough volutes of a classical type, whilst several of the arches have the "tooth" ornament. The font is also Norm. The body of the church dates from the 15th cent.

It is the object of this Work to exhibit, from traces afforded in the records and monuments, both sacred and profane, of the ancient world, an unity of purpose maintained by the all-controlling providence of God.

Your brother is satisfied with the exhibit I have made of my affairs and my prospects, and sanctions my addresses. I can maintain you more than comfortably, and it shall be one of the principal aims of my life to consult your welfare in all my plans for my own advancement.