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Then, in a revulsion of feeling, he jeered at his folly, mutely scolded his nerves for spurring him to such flagrant imbecilities. "This is all nonsense," he told himself, "all fancy, all a world created, peopled, endowed with life by my desirous mind, which longs for a new sensation. I will not encourage this absurdity. I will be calm, cold, observant, discriminating.

"There isn't any new member of the Blackbird family living in the Old Orchard," retorted Jenny Wren tartly. "There is too," contradicted Peter. "I saw him with my own eyes. I can see him now. He's sitting in that tree over yonder this very minute. He's all black, so of course he must be a member of the Blackbird family." "Tut, tut, tut, tut, tut!" scolded Jenny Wren. "Tut, tut, tut, tut, tut!

Give him back his baggage, it is not too heavy for him; if you don't, you will be the one to be scolded." The Indian grumbled before he obeyed; then, taking the boy by the hand, dropped behind, muttering to him: "When you don't want to walk any more, Chanito, you must tell me, and you shall ride on the top of my pack."

Are we boys at school, to be scolded and flouted and put right by you? Unfit company? For whom? For whom, sir? I'd like to know. More, by token, I'd like to know also where this is to end and I will, by your leave! For whom, sir?" "For your sister," Colonel John replied. "Without saying more, Mr. Asgill is not of the class with whom your grandfather "

Do you suppose that your Louis, who comes to see me almost every alternate day, makes up for you? It is not enough to know that you are well and that everything prospers with you; for I love you, Renee, and I want to know what you are feeling and thinking of, just as I say everything to you, at the risk of being scolded, or censured, or misunderstood.

Mlle. de Brabender scolded me in a low voice, and her scoldings were like words from heaven. When at last luncheon was over, mamma told me, as she passed, to pour out the coffee. Marguerite helped me to arrange the cups, and I went into the drawing-room. Maitre C , the notary from Havre, whom I detested, was already there.

Wenceslas Steinbock looked at her with a bewildered air. "Eat come, eat," said she sharply, "instead of looking at me as you do at one of your images when you are satisfied with it." On being thus smacked with words, the young man seemed less puzzled, for this, indeed, was the female Mentor whose tender moods were always a surprise to him, so much more accustomed was he to be scolded.

He tied Father Time to his uncle's hitching post, that he might not escape, and then crossed the road to the corner grocery. The grocer had scolded Jim that very morning for stepping into a basket of turnips by accident. So the boy went to the back end of the grocery and turned on the faucet of the molasses barrel.

Then she drew a deep breath, and turned away with a little rippling laugh at herself. "Betty Nelson," she scolded, slipping the pretty dress over her head, and keeping her eyes severely away from the mirror, "you'll be getting conceited next; and if there's anything I hate, it's a conceited person." At a quarter of eight there came a ring at the door bell, and Betty's heart missed a beat.

His old friend, who had so long wanted her, and who had prepared his house for her, and had set out to look for her, had declined to take her when he saw her; and he, Sam, who had so thoroughly understood the opportunities which had been spread before the little party that afternoon, and who knew what would happen if these opportunities were allowed to slip out of sight, had been set aside by one woman, laughed at by another, had been advised by a clergyman, and had been scolded by Captain Abner.

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