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"The heat is intolerable," said Simon, endeavoring to master his feelings. "Heat?" murmured Deodati; "it does not seem to me very warm. Shall I accompany you for a few moments to the garden, signor?" But Turchi raised his head, and smiling in an unconcerned manner, said: "Many thanks, signor, for your kindness. I feel much better.

The night was hot, and the heat was on my nerves, I suppose, so I got up at six. I hope I didn't disturb you, Roger?" "Not at all," he politely replied. "I've some business which will take me out half an hour sooner than usual. I suppose they can give us breakfast in time for that? Coffee and toast and grape fruit can't take long to make ready?" "I'll ring for breakfast. I didn't know if "

The heat and venom of each political campaign bring back to my mind with wonderful clearness the bitter and acrimonious war, and the savage factional fight, which characterized my own legislative candidacy in what was called the Prairie Dog District of Wyoming, about ten years ago.

Melvil in the Edinburgh Literary Essays, only communicates heat, and should therefore only communicate momentum, where it is obstructed, reflected, or refracted.

"Could boil 2,900,000,000 of cubic myriametres of water an hour." "And we are not roasted by it?" cried Michel. "No," answered Barbicane, "because the terrestrial atmosphere absorbs four-tenths of the solar heat. Besides, the quantity of heat intercepted by the earth is only two thousand millionth of the total."

It is out of the question here to trace in detail the genesis of those endless complications described by Geology and Physical Geography: else we might show how the general truth, that every active force produces more than one change, is exemplified in the highly involved flow of the tides, in the ocean currents, in the winds, in the distribution of rain, in the distribution of heat, and so forth.

Success legalised a bold enterprise, which the slightest accident might have changed into a crime. The sitting of the Ancients, under the presidency of Lemercier, commenced at one o'clock. A warm discussion took place upon the situation of affairs, the resignation of the members of the Directory, and the immediate election of others. Great heat and agitation prevailed during the debate.

Is it possible, then, that an animal can live in a fluid, the temperature of which is constantly varying, and preserve nearly a mean heat? In the following tables I have entered every experiment but one which was made on the 17th of June, and in which I believe the animals to have been kept too long out of water.

He sat forward, his hands hanging between his knees, his lips parted, and he watched the night. It seemed to him that it was filled with the clamor of iron-throated beasts running to and fro after their prey. The heat was a humid, solid, breathless weight a heat unknown to Millings. Dickie wore his threadbare blue serge suit. It felt like a garment of lead.

Mechanical or mass motion is the antecedent, molecular heat motion is the consequent, and the way we know there has been some intermediate form is, that heat is not conducted at the rate which is observed in such a case.

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