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The kitchen was filled with pots and kettles; but there was nothing in them. Henry again put his thistle to his nose and desired to have a good dinner served up. A table soon appeared, with good smoking soup, a splendid leg of lamb, a roasted pullet and good salad. They took seats at the table with the appetite of those who had not eaten for three years.

With the first dish was served up at the same time the dessert, which stood in place of dainties, of roast meat and salad; it generally consisted of boiled beans, or roasted pistachio nuts. On festival days, being those when my father came to see us, we forgot our bad fare in eating the sweet bread he brought with him from Senegal.

"I know I wasn't!" roared the fireman, and banged the table lustily. "I see 'er blood on the joss an' on the floor where she lay!" "This morning?" I interjected. "This mornin', in the light of the little oil lamp where old Ma Lorenzo 'ad roasted the pills! It's all still an' quiet an' I feel more dead than alive. I'm goin' to give 'er a hail, see?

Then Peter called Lady Harriet's house "Famine Castle," and pretended he would swallow the knives, like an Indian juggler. "We must learn to live upon air, and here are some spoons to eat it with," said John Fordyce. "Harry! shall I help you to a mouthful of moonshine?" "Peter, would you like a roasted fly?" asked Frank Abercromby, catching one on the window.

It was then soaked in water, in order to become soft, after which it was roasted; nor, thus prepared, could it have been swallowed if they had not taken most copious draughts of water. After this repast the freebooters resumed their route, and arrived at Torna-Munni, where also they found an abandoned fortress.

In this Christian temper of making the best of all occurrences, our travellers alighted at the Hawes. Sir, they do scandal me upon the road here! A poor quotidian rack of mutton roasted Dry to be grated! and that driven down With beer and butter-milk, mingled together. It is against my freehold, my inheritance. Wine is the word that glads the heart of man, And mine's the house of wine.

Have you ever tasted birds' nests." "Never." "But I suppose you know why they are thought so great a delicacy?" "No." "It is merely the gluten with which they are fastened together, so to speak, by the birds, which renders them agreeable. The Chinese like rats, and in this we agree with them. Well dressed, stuffed with chestnuts or olives, and roasted, they are delicious." Leo made a wry face.

Pete, the cook; came in and the head of the house turned me over to him, and returned to his duties behind the bar. From the noise of the uproar going on, his presence was doubtless needed. Pete set before me a large roasted wild-goose, not badly cooked, with bread, milk, and the inevitable cucumber pickles.

At the same time he roasted a bunch of plantain, and, being provided with pepper and salt in his pack, as well as with some pilot-bread, and a pint-bottle of rum, we are almost ashamed to relate how our young explorer dined. Nothing was wanting to such a meal but the sweets of social converse.

Of these he commanded several to be roasted alive on wooden spits, for not showing him hog-yards where he might steal swine.