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In the rubbish heaped high on the shore near the stone arch bridge is a flat freight car banged and shattered and with a hole stove in its side. One of the workmen who were examining the débris to-day got into the car and found a framed and glazed picture of the Saviour. It was resting against the side of the car, right side up. Neither frame nor glass were injured.

The sail, like its would-be captors, seemed also to have taken breath, it held firm, relaxed, banged out again in thunder, developed new hoods and folds as a struggling monster might develop new heads and kinks, and then, all of a sudden when it seemed that no effort was of avail the end came.

"Then everybody laughed at the boy, and the Italian said the performance would begin by a grand procession of all the animals, if some lady would kindly step up to the piano and play a march. Nina Smith you know Nina, Joe, the girl that has black eyes and wears blue ribbons, and lives around the corner stepped up to the piano, and banged out a fine loud march.

Herbert banged the door and faced Alice in the lobby across her chief trunk. The honeymoon had commenced. "We'd better get this out of the way at once," said Alice the practical. And between them they carried it upstairs, Alice, in the intervals of tugs, making favourable remarks about the cosiness of the abode.

It is certain at any rate that Brooks' words came to him as an inspiration. He stared for a moment into his glass then at Brooks. Finally he banged the table with the flat of his hand. "It's an idea!" he exclaimed. "Why not?" "Why not, indeed?" Brooks answered. "You'd be a popular candidate for the borough." "I'm chairman of the committee," Mr. Bullsom declared; "I'll propose myself.

Sheikman burst forth again; "maybe he would be satisfied." "S'enough!" Abe roared. "I heard enough already." He banged a sample table with his fist and Mrs. Sheikman jumped in her seat. "That's a heart what you got it," she said bitterly, "like Haman." "Haman was a pretty good feller already compared to me," Abe declared; "and also I got business to attend to." "Come, Sarah," Mrs. Sheikman cried.

Even yet he would not let the madman within him loose. Even yet he would hold him back until he saw the object of his hate and rage, and then The door swung to and fro gently, and the Greek approached it with his hand, when suddenly the unconscious Leland from within banged it to noisily and fixed the hasp.

After a while one is banged often enough to open its structure, and then the carrying wind takes on its wings the neat little cone-shaped seeds, each possessed of its own silky hairs to help float it gently toward the ground and thus is another of nature's curious rounds of distribution completed.

Babies had them in their carriages, and the effect of the floating lights in the winding, up-and-down-hill streets was charming even to Burnamy's lack-lustre eyes. He went by his hotel and on to a cafe with a garden, where there was a patriotic, concert promised; he supped there, and then sat dreamily behind his beer, while the music banged and brayed round him unheeded.

Well, I don't think you're very nice to laugh about it, Patricia. I wouldn't like to take any one out to a sleighride, and have 'em banged around, oh, o-o!" It was a "thank-you-ma'am" in the middle of the road that caused Arabella's angry speech to end in a little shriek. It was useless for Patricia to try to hide her merriment. She could not help laughing.