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"Look away to the glorious city my darling is almost there." "Yes, yes, I do, I am," came faintly up, and then with a glad cry of joy, which rang in their ears for many a day and night, Nina said, "You may lay me down, my Arthur boy, and take your arm away. There's a stronger one than yours around me now. The arm that Miggie told me of, and it will not let me down.

'Then I'll come. But I've got no things. He pushed up the trap-door. Driver, Bond Street. And get on to yourself, for goodness' sake! Hurry! 'You told me not to hurry, grumbled the cabby. 'And now I tell you to hustle. See? 'Shall you want me to call myself Belmont? Nina asked.

Girond came into the theatre, she was met by the same anxious, wondering question; and her reply was invariably the same. "Don't you think it very strange?" he asked of Estelle. "Nina said she would write to you or send you a message I suppose as soon as all her plans were made. I hope nothing has happened to her," he added, as a kind of timid expression of his own darker self-questionings.

Their parents cannot, or will not, pay to send them to school, and Jennet must receive some return for her labors, whatever they be." "I see it all," cried Nina with animation. "There must be a school in the village. Jennet shall be the teacher." "If this can be done, it will be a great blessing," said Blanche. "It shall be done. Let us go over to that sweet little cottage at once and see Jennet."

Besides in winter it is impossible to get them warm." "Then why," Nina spoke as though she had discovered an obviously simple solution, "don't you have the proper heating put in? You won't mind if I ask you something, will you?" "Ask what you like, dearest." "Why don't you make yourself more comfortable? For instance, why don't you have modern plumbing put in? And don't you prefer electric light?"

"I think," said Nina, "that I shall dance like a wraith. It seems almost a sacrilege to bob around and prattle in such surroundings. How silly their sainted ghosts might think us!" "I never thought of the old masters as saints exactly. But come, Mademoiselle let us pretend in each of those chandeliers are burning a hundred wax candles. It is the night of the ball we open it so will you dance?"

The young gentleman then took out a brocaded purse in which he said there were a hundred gold crowns, and gave it to the old woman; but Preciosa would by no means consent that she should take them. "Hold your tongue, niña," said her grandmother; "the best proof this señor has given of his submission, is in thus having yielded up his arms to us in token of surrender.

During the whole three weeks of the voyage Hone took no further action. Nina saw him every day of those interminable weeks, but he made no sign. He did not seek her out, neither did he avoid her, but continually he mystified her by the cheery indifference of his bearing. He became as was almost inevitable an immense favourite on board.

"My goodness, Nina, I could guess what the inside of the rooms was like, if they were anything like those interminable and horrid stairs!" he exclaimed, with a laugh. "And you who were always so fond of pretty things, and flowers, and always so particular when we went to a restaurant to live with the Debernardis!"

Ida Tabor was outfaced, and she knew it. Her cheeks burned scarlet, and she was able to gasp only the feeblest response. "Thank you for your kind explanation!" she said, somewhat breathless, and with a bow. Nina, giving Harriet a resentful glance, went over to put her arm about her friend, who had risen, and was facing Harriet. "It need make no difference with us, Ladybird!"

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