But come again to-morrow, and I'll have an outfit." "There's no time like the present. Let me ride down to the barn and bring one up," volunteered Ben. "Don't need to do that, I'll 'phone. I didn't really expect you," she explained. "Get off and come in a few minutes, and I'll see what I can hustle together for an outfit. I haven't rode a lick since I left Sibley."

Won't you find Grant and ask him to let you have his suit? Get into it as soon as you can, and hurry back here; for Wyndham is liable to solve Hook's delivery any minute. Hustle, old chap do." With this admonition, he turned to give his attention to his players. "Still loyal and true!" muttered Phil. "If he only knew the truth!

Yet I'm going to be happy, now I'm through, for I couldn't be happy anywhere except in the United States Army." "What crazy notions some folks have of happiness," murmured Tom, mockingly. "However, old fellow, we're not going to fight, are we? Now, hustle over to the house. Harry is sleeping at the present moment, but I won't let him have a wink more of sleep to-night.

The eyes held an expression of sleepy content, if an insensate bit of china could do such a thing. Ninety-six cents was a good start. But he'd have to hustle every minute of Saturday morning. The advent of autumn had so discouraged the growth of grass on the home street that he would have to invade Southern Avenue. Surely he could find some sort of a job on that long, well-groomed street.

And you must go like a derned fool and leave these yer things behind you in the bresh," he went on querulously, lifting Madison Clay's dust-coat, hat, and shotgun from his horse, which stood saddled at the door. "Luckily I picked them up in the woods comin' here. Ye ain't got more than time to get over the state line and among your folks thar afore they'll be down on you. Hustle, old man!

We have so much before us of the day's work that we must hustle the children together. We get half through the chapter before the family are seated. We read as if we were reading for a wager. We drop on our knees, are in the second or third sentence before they all get down. It is an express train, with amen for the first depot.

Breakfast, however, was of small account in Edison's mind compared with his love for Faraday; and he suddenly remarked to his friend, "Adams, I have so much to do, and life is so short, that I must hustle;" and with that he started off on a dead run for the boarding-house. Edison has shown that he cares nothing for money, and has no particular enthusiasm for fame.

I've been looking for restaurant signs and smelling for ham all over the camp. But I'm used to going hungry when I have to. Now, says he, 'I'm going out and get a hack and ride down to the address on this Scudder card. You stay here and try to hustle some grub. But I doubt if you'll find it. I wish we'd brought along some cornmeal and bacon and beans.

I'll look up Zulka and get him to have me counted in if there's any fight going to occur." "And me too, sir," answered Carrick, standing like a stag who from a peak challenges his kind. Carter looked at the man with evident appreciation and a pleased smile animated his face. "It will be the old days over again. I warn you, Carrick, you'll have to hustle to beat me up another hill."

He sez spozen he wuz slow with his spring's work and didn't keep his fences up, or hustle round so and mebby didn't pay Ury so big wages as the Loontowners did in their factory, and wuzn't what they called sound on the doctrines.