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Scudder and Miss Prissy were sitting, talking earnestly, on the foot of the bed, when the door opened noiselessly, and Mary glided to them like a spirit, no color in check or lip, her blue eyes wide with calm horror; and laying her little hand, with a nervous grasp, on Miss Prissy's arm, she said, "Tell me, what is it? is it? is he dead?" The two women looked at each other, and then Mrs.

Scudder was astonished at her evident embarrassment, her trembling, and paleness. She was a woman of prompt, imperative temperament, and the slightest hesitation in rendering to her a full, outspoken confidence had never before occurred in their intercourse.

What a minister's wife she'd be, Miss Scudder! why, all the ladies coming out of prayer-meeting were speaking of it.

"He's a very strong, hearty man," she soliloquized, "so I hope it won't put him in a consumption; men do go into a consumption about such things sometimes. I remember Abner Seaforth did; but then he was always narrow-chested, and had the liver-complaint, or something. I don't know what Miss Scudder will say; but I've done it. Poor man! such a good man, too!

Scudder, the mean while, was kneading the bread that had been set to rise over-night; and the oven was crackling and roaring with a large-throated, honest garrulousness. But, ever and anon, as the mother worked, she followed the motions of her child anxiously. "Mary, my dear," she said, "the eggs are giving out; hadn't you better run to the barn and get a few?"

It was so slender a thing to hold its own in such a wide and monstrous sea. But the sun came out at last, and not many days afterward we went out with Danny and Skipper Scudder to say good by to Mrs. Kew. I have been some voyages at sea, but I never was so danced about in a little boat as I was that day.

Janet Scudder, an American artist whose work has been as highly honored in France as in her native land, is known chiefly for her poetic and happy expressions of the out-of-door spirit. Her fountains and garden pieces are small and sportive but intensely sincere and never trivial. She has a pagan sense of natural imagery and a deep feeling for childhood. Her finish is delicate and perfect.

At the Chicago Exposition Miss Scudder exhibited two heroic-sized statues representing Illinois and Indiana. The portraits purchased by the French Government are of American women and are the first work of an American woman sculptor to be admitted to the Luxembourg. These medallions are in bas-relief in marble, framed in bronze. Casts from them have been made in gold and silver.

Miss Scudder has been identified from its outset with the College Settlements Movement, and of late years with the new service to Italian immigrants inaugurated by Denison House.

First families are often very agreeable, undeniably respectable, fearfully virtuous, and it takes great faith to resist an evil principle which incarnates itself in the suavities of their breeding and amiability; and therefore it was that Mrs. Scudder felt her heart heavy within her, and could with a very good grace have joined in the Doctor's Saturday fast.