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Still the fact is undeniably so; legislation is a sovereign power, and is exercised by the United States government to a certain extent, and also by the States, according to the forms which they themselves have established, and subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the United States.

He could not see that Mark was undeniably thinner and paler than he had been only a few weeks ago, and that his eyes looked even more bright and keen in consequence. "Take some tea," said the Canon; and then, when he had given him time to drink his tea, he turned on him abruptly. "I've heard some lies about you, and I'm going to tell you what they are." "Perhaps it's better to be ignorant."

Thus adjured, George Marston curbed his amusement long enough to recount to his wife the particulars of his interview with Uncle Simon. "Well, well, and you carry on so, only because one of the servants wishes his Sundays to himself for awhile? Shame on you!" "Mrs. Marston," said her husband, solemnly, "you are hopeless positively, undeniably, hopeless.

A worrying parent is at once an exasperating and a pathetic figure. She for it is generally the mother is so undeniably influenced by her love that one can sympathize with her anxiety, yet the confidant of her child, or the unconcerned observer is exasperated as he clearly sees the evil she is creating by her foolish, unnecessary worries.

The counting in no wise modifies their previous nature, and, they being what and where they are, the count cannot fall out differently. It could then ALWAYS be made. We have here a quasi-paradox. Undeniably something comes by the counting that was not there before. And yet that something was ALWAYS TRUE. In one sense you create it, and in another sense you FIND it.

"You are mistaken; its rewards are great. I may mention, by the way, that shortly after you saw me I succeeded to a small income. An uncle died, and proved unexpectedly generous." "Ah, I see. That must have been convenient." "It was pleasant, undeniably pleasant. I have always considered it in the light of an endowment of my researches.

To be sure, his character However, character has nothing to do with the eye-pleasures, and they are undeniably agreeable. Then there were his manners, and his mind such a man of the world! Of course he wasn't for one instant to be compared with Dory who was?

I believe that to preserve and honour the Welsh language and literature is quite compatible with not thwarting or delaying for a single hour the introduction, so undeniably useful, of a knowledge of English among all classes in Wales. You have to avoid, again, the danger of alienating men of science by a blind partial, and uncritical treatment of your national antiquities. Mr.

"Monsieur Charpentier, our host, has a most undeniably pretty daughter. She is the caissière, fortunately, and may be seen and admired at any time. We will see her as we go out. And speaking of beauties," he continued, turning the stem of his wine-glass slowly around, "you have asked no word of Mademoiselle d'Azay or, I should say, Madame la Marquise de St. André!"

We have outgrown war, we think; and yet we have not outgrown a form of contest which is undeniably more sanguinary, since one-half the community actually die, under present arrangements, before they are old enough to see a battle-field, that is, before the age of eighteen.

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