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"Then I went to my own room, and they never knew when I left, they didn't even remember I had been there. But as I came back from answering the phone at eleven o'clock, I met Rod in the hall. He had some books in his hand. He ducked them behind him when he saw me. I reached for them sternly, and he pulled them out rather sheepishly.

I can communicate with you by note without arousing suspicion?" "Oh, yes, certainly." "If at any time I have to call you on the 'phone, or if any of the other operatives want to communicate with you the password will be 'I am speaking for Miss Jones." "Isn't that exciting a secret password," cried Jane enthusiastically.

He lifted the phone from its cradle and extended it to his prisoner. Tom told him the Enterprises number, then asked for Ames's extension as the switchboard operator answered. A moment later the security chief's voice came over the line. "Ames speaking." "This is Tom Jr., Harlan." His captor bent close to the receiver as Tom replied, in order to overhear what was being said.

"Oh well," answered Aggie, distracted by the persistent ringing of the 'phone, "then hold him a minute until I answer the 'phone." This at least was a compromise, and reluctantly Jimmy allowed the now wailing infant to be placed in his arms. "Jig it, Jimmy, jig it," cried Zoie.

"Steve says to keep an eye on the houseboat, but to take no action. He's going to do a little investigating." "How?" "He didn't say. But he expects to have something by tonight." With that, Rick had to be satisfied. Apparently Steve wasted no time, because Barby answered the phone just before dinner, then called: "It's Steve Ames, Rick!" Rick ran to the telephone.

My day was a busy one, as I had to visit my boarding house, buy needful clothing, and arrange for transportation. At the moment specified I called up Vail on the phone, and he responded instantly, the very tone of his voice evidencing the relief he felt at hearing from me. "Began to think I had skipped with the thousand?" I asked. "Well, I have n't, for the other nine looks too good."

His uncle's some high muckymuck, and you often see his aunts' and cousins' names in the paper giving teas and receptions and going places. But he don't seem to go much. I often hear folks ask him why he wasn't some place last night, or 'phone to know if he won't come, and he always says he can't spare the time, or he can't afford it, or something like that." "Ain't he rich, Jimmie?"

While the others went to the house, he stopped at the lab and reported to Joe Blake that he had found a pram. The agent got what details Rick had, and passed the word to the shore team on the mainland with instructions to follow the houseboat's movements from shore. Then he went to the phone and called Steve Ames. Finally Joe hung up.

Had he glanced at the halftone without recognizin' her? Or was he just keepin' mum? Not until I gets a chance to explore the waste basket did I get any line. The folder wa'n't there. Neither was it on his desk. And all the hints I threw out durin' the day he don't seem to notice at all. So I didn't have much to tell Vee over the 'phone that night. "Couldn't get a rise out of him at all," says I.

Say, Willis, while I take a little swim, will you 'phone to all the Cabinet members and tell them it's Bruin Inn for supper on Saturday night? a very important meeting! Meet here at five o'clock. And say, I want you to go along with us. I have decided to add an out-of-door committee to the Cabinet, and I want you to represent that phase of the work, will you?"

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