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That same light of savage hope and cruelly calculating enmity, all so strangely mixed with a persistent doubt, which Young Denny had seen flare up in the ex-lightweight's eyes a little while before, back in the dressing-room, began to creep once more across Hogarty's face. "You know how long I've been waiting for one to come along, Chub," he went on, almost hoarsely.

Again and again did these persistent and infatuated spiritualists try what they call the "transfer test," varying with each experiment the coloring-material used, and every time the bell was rung the medium's right hand was found out to be stained with what had been put upon the bell-handle. The "Portland Daily Press," in noticing a lecture against Spiritualism, recently delivered by Dr.

People who are particular have all the pots and pans ranged out ready for inspection daily, and such inspections are most necessary for health, as the dirty habits of the native servants are such that persistent vigilance is requisite. And I may here add that there is no use in telling the servants a thing once they must be told again, again, and again.

Virginia's heart bounded hopefully as Juno covered mile after mile with that persistent, steady canter that means everything good for a long ride. But the open plains were bitterly cold and the wind grew fiercer as the hours passed. High spirits and hope began to give place to determination and endurance. Virginia shut her teeth in a dogged resolve not to give up. Indeed, she dared not give up.

His brother's ruin, the destruction of the whole world, nothing is of any further consequence to him. He is waiting, waiting. But now the gate is abruptly closed like a last barrier between him and his persistent hope. Once more the station is empty.

The secular papers should set an example for their religious brethren, but they do not, for from many of them there is lying systematic, persistent, and more or less colossal. Not long ago, within a few days of each other, three men who were simultaneously employed on a certain paper told me their actual circulation, confidentially, too.

Presently all was in readiness, and the Fire Bird swung out on the cedar-lined road and into the broad highway that led to the railroad station. "I would just like to bet," remarked the persistent Ned as the station came into view at the end of the long road, "I would just like to bet almost anything that she will not come." "Take you up!" answered Nat quickly. "I know she'll come."

Persistent knocking by a chauffeur at last brings a woman to the door. Mrs. Jenney has a pleasant face and an ample figure. "Mr. Jenney live here?" cries Mr. Crewe from the driver's seat. "Yes," says Mrs. Jenney, smiling. "Tell him I want to see him." "Guess you'll find him in the apple orchard." "Where's that?" The chauffeur takes down the bars, Mr.

Nowhere in the churches was their opposition to the Abolition movement more persistent and illiberal than in the theological seminaries, whence the pulpits drew their supplies of preachers. Like master, like servant, these institutions were indentured to the public, and reflected as in a mirror the body and pressure of its life and sentiment.

Our persistent coldness of heart is the cause of an unfailing passion in some of you; other men ask for an untiring devotion, to be idolized at every moment; some for gentleness, others for tyranny. No woman in this world as yet has really read the riddle of man's heart." There was a pause. When she spoke again it was in a different tone.