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They came on at a canter, riding bravely, glancing right and left a score of them headed by a scarlet-blanketed man upon a spotted horse. So transparent was the air, washed by the fog and vivified by the sun, that I could decipher the color pattern of his shield emblazonry: a checkerboard of red and black. "A war party. Sioux, I think," she said. "Don't they carry scalps on that first lance?

Jane missed the rattle and trot, canter and gallop of the incoming riders on the hard trails. Dusk shaded the grove where she walked; the birds ceased singing; the wind sighed through the leaves of the cottonwoods, and the running water murmured down its stone-bedded channel. The glimmering of the first star was like the peace and beauty of the night.

The oxen were always yoked in order that Shard could manoeuvre his ship at a moment's notice. When first sighted the cavalry were trotting but they were coming on now at a slow canter. Arabs in white robes on good horses. Shard estimated that there were two or three hundred of them.

All this this liking to be kissed, and feeling wobbly. They're Kraill's preliminary canter." "Oh no no!" she cried in horror. "Oh, yes, yes!" he mocked, laughing at her gently. "But Louis, how horrible!" "Well, you're always preaching honesty and facing facts," he said bluntly. "Yes " she said thoughtfully. "But I don't like it. I hate it.

There, riding down the driveway, they saw Mr. Evringham and Jewel starting off for their morning canter. "How dear they look, how dear!" exclaimed Julia. "Father is stunning, for a fact," remarked Harry, watching alertly.

As a preliminary canter I shall trot out first the valley of the Po, the existing mud flat best known by personal experience to the feet and eyes of the tweed-clad English tourist.

Heriot dropped to the rear: I was glad to leave her with Temple, and glad to see them canter ahead together on the sand of tie heaths. 'She has done it, Heriot burst out abruptly. 'She has done it! he said again. 'Upon my soul, I never wished in my life before that I was a marrying man: I might have a chance of ending worth something.

Father had a lot of books about those things and I read them to him when he was ill. I was looking one up again the other day that day you threw the teapot in the sea." And she told him about the "preliminary canter." "Well, that's absolutely right," he said coolly. "Women are like that. They're specialized for sex. Don't you admit that you've no brains?

Saying which, without stopping to hear another word from his brother, whose appealing look might well have touched his heart, he urged his horse to a canter, and was gone. Amos did not appear among the family that evening. He had returned home just before dinner-time, and sent a message into the drawing-room asking to be excused as he did not feel very well.

"Besides, father, Jacques tells me that he means to go off immediately, to visit a number of his old voyageur friends in the settlement, and I cannot part with him till we have had one more canter together over the prairies. I want to show him to Kate, for he's a great original." "Oh, that will be charming!" cried Kate. "I should like of all things to be introduced to the bold hunter.

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