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A sound came to us, reaching out like the first faint susurrus of the incoming tide; sighing, sighing, growing stronger now its mournful whispering quivered all about us, shook us then passing like a Presence, died away in far distances. "The Portal!" said Rador. "Lugur has entered!" He, too, parted the fronds and peered back along our path.

In both instances a good place had been given to a gentleman by the incoming President not in return for political support, but from motives of private friendship either his own friendship or that of some mutual friend.

Soon it reaches the ocean, and the flow being there checked by the incoming ocean-tide, even the mud can no longer be held up, and it also sinks slowly in the shallows near the shore, forming sometimes broad mud-banks dangerous to the mariner. This is the case only with smaller rivers.

Outside, on the steps of those churches, the stranger encounters innumerable gangs of beggars, who watch his incoming and his outgoing with the most intense eagerness rushing toward him with outstretched hands, calling upon all the saints to bless him and his issue forever and ever, and sometimes bowing down to the earth before him, in their accustomed way, as if he himself partook of some sacred attributes.

Good-morning!" and so saying, he walked off in the direction of Abingdon road, while Neil rather unwillingly bought his ticket and went through the narrow way and down the stairs to wait for the incoming train. Mrs. Buncher had made an effort to brighten up her dingy parlor since her new lodgers took possession of it.

The continued avoidance of the South by the great mass of incoming Europeans in post-bellum decades has now made it clear that it was the negro character of the slaves rather than the slave status of the negroes which was chiefly responsible.

They lived the lives of simple farmers and daily practiced the doctrine of social equality, and hence they could not understand why others should not do the same, or why there should be anything difficult or complex in the work of the incoming President. In all the Western States almost every office was filled by popular election.

Wholly vanished with the multiple daytime activities that centre near this spot. The great fleet of incoming and out-going ocean liners, of vessels, barges, tows, ferries, tugs where were they in the drifting snow that was blotting out the night in opaque white?

Show 'ern that you're not bluffing honestly elected members of this incoming legislature out of their seats by closing the doors on 'em to-morrow. That's your contract! Are you going to keep it?" Mac Tavish returned. He brought another telegram. Morrison ripped the inclosure from the envelope. "It's of the same purport as the other," he reported.

Lines of piles running out into the water, forced incoming vessels to wind back and forth across the stream under the point-blank range of massive Armstrong rifles. As if this were not sufficient, the channel was thickly studded with torpedoes that would explode at the touch of the keel of a passing vessel.