Darling that the worst feature of the whole deplorable situation was the effect on the child's mind, and the wretched conception it gave her of the sacredness of the marriage tie, or something like that. And Mrs. Darling sighed, and said, oh, and ah, and the pity of it. I don't like Mrs. Darling. Of course, as I said before, Mrs. Darling could be my new mother, being a widow, so. But, mercy!

As for that insolent fellow, we must tie him down, if it comes to that, we must let the police know' ... 'Ustinya Fyedorovna! he shouted in a loud voice to his wife, 'heat the samovar, my good soul.... All that day Tatiana hardly went out of the laundry. At first she had started crying, then she wiped away her tears, and set to work as before.

To quote a well-known passage from Sir J. G. Frazer: "They commonly believed that the tie between the animal and vegetable world was even closer than it really is to them the principle of life and fertility, whether animal or vegetable, was one and indivisible.

On the other hand, the actors who play the part of the Moors have to bear the brunt of the temporary indignation of their auditors; and when the infidel Tarfe plucks down the tablet to tie it to his horse's tail, many of the people absolutely rise in fury, and are ready to jump upon the stage to revenge this insult to the Virgin.

When Pons heard the outer door close upon her, he summoned up all his remaining strength to rise. "They are cheating me," he muttered to himself, "they are robbing me! Schmucke is a child that would let them tie him up in a sack."

They are both young; according to the usages of our country, where both men and women ripen later than in your country, they are almost too young for the solemn tie of marriage. But one thing above all will determine you to favor my wishes; this daughter of a royal house has grown up amid the humblest surroundings; here she has no home, no family-ties.

He wore a soft blue hickory shirt without collar or tie, and looked immensely self-sufficient. He was tall and lean and raw-boned, with a face which was long and narrow; his eyes were large and wide set, his mouth big and firm in its lines; he had big hands and feet, and an almost rolling gait. Eugene assumed instinctively that this was Mr.

The question arose, how were the stakes to be tied together? While this matter was being discussed, Lisle said: "Surely we can use some of the creepers. The natives tie up bundles with them." The suggestion was at once adopted.

That though, being pre-engaged to Cneius Pompey in quality of lieutenant, he was bound in honour to him, that, nevertheless, there existed a very intimate tie between him and Caesar; that he was not ignorant of what was the duty of a lieutenant, who bore an office of trust; nor of his own strength, nor of the disposition of the whole province to Caesar.

"How can I let you go? My duty to your parents what are those strange things, and what use are you going to make of them?" By way of answer Maine slipped her feet into the snow-shoes, and, with Massachusetts' aid, quickly fastened the thongs. "The twine!" she said. "Yes, that will do; plenty of it. Tie it to the door-handle, square knot, so! I'm all right, dear; don't worry."