"Yes, we lost our money not fairly, but by cheating. I am ruined, and your uncle " Bill shrugged. "My uncle God help him!" "I do not know the full extent of his losses, Jacky except that they have probably trebled mine."

In this spirit of humor it was therefore decided that on the following morning they would break camp and return to the ranch. "I feel that I'm cheating you out of some of your expected fun, boys," apologized the stockman that evening, as they were packing some of their stuff, so as to lighten the labor in the morning. "Why, I don't know what else we could do here.

Oh, confess that, my lord! confess it ere it be too late!" "I will confess all about the Indians, and the gold, and Tita too, Fray; peccavi, peccavi only five minutes, senors, five little minutes' grace, while I confess to the good Fray!" and he grovelled on the deck. "I will have no such mummery where I command," said Amyas, sternly. "I will be no accomplice in cheating Satan of his due."

Then he thought of the wickedness he had done, not of the wickedness of his life that seemed to him unlimited, but of the wickedness accomplished within the last few hours, and he wondered if he had done worse in cheating the young man at cards or giving the money he had won to Flossy. "Having tasted of money, she will do anything to obtain more.

I took no servant, for after Costa's robbing me and Le Duc's cheating me I felt as if I could not trust in anyone. I got to Metz in two days, and put up at the "Roi Dagobert," an excellent inn, where I found the Comte de Louvenhaupt, a Swede, whom I had met at the house of the Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst, mother of the Empress of Russia.

As the poorest man of the two I had escaped the attentions lavished by the ladies on Romayne. At the same time I was obliged to pay for my dinner, by taking some part in the proceedings of the evening. Small stakes were allowed, I found, at roulette; and, besides, the heavy chances in favor of the table made it hardly worth while to run the risk of cheating in this case.

The woman looked still more earnestly than before in Anne's countenance; and then, taking hold of both her hands, exclaimed, "You poor young creature! what are you about? I do believe you don't know what you are about if you do, you are the greatest cheat I ever looked in the face, long as I've lived in this cheating world."

I suggested to Garcia that we should play cards, and he agreed. In the second game I told him he was cheating; he began to laugh; I threw the cards in his face. He tried to get at his blunderbuss. I set my foot on it, and said, 'They say you can use a knife as well as the best ruffian in Malaga; will you try it with me? El Dancaire tried to part us.

You are indicted with extortion and sharp practice in all your dealings, with cheating and misleading your customers, attempting to cheat and betray your friends, and breaking all the rules of civilised crime.

But under these deceptive titles are the same cheating and the same betting, the same drunkenness and the same vagabondage and the same abominations that were to be found under the old horse-racing system. I never knew a man yet who could give himself to the pleasures of the turf for a long reach of time, and not be battered in morals.