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"He is not dead, Natalie." He tried to put her into a chair, but she resisted him fiercely. "Let me alone. I want to see that telegram." And, very reluctantly, at last he gave it to her. Graham was severely wounded. It was from a man in his own department at Washington who had just seen the official list. The nature of his wounding had not been stated.

When his ruthless angers are not in possession the child shows the growth of this tardy reason that quickened is hereafter to do so much for his peace and dignity, by the sweetest consideration. Denied a second handful of strawberries, and seeing quite clearly that the denial was enforced reluctantly, he makes haste to reply, "It doesn't matter, darling."

And then, with the last stragglers that reluctantly disappeared, he made his exit, leaving Cecilia greatly pleased with his conversation and his manners, but extremely perplexed to account for his knowledge of her affairs and situation. The schoolmaster had already been gone some time.

"Was it one of the crew?" he asked. And when Jones, smitten with my theory, had assured him that it was a fireman, he reluctantly left his scouring and came towards us at an easy pace, with one of the lanterns swinging from his finger.

"Read it, and destroy it," she said. "It is written in ignorance of the terrible truth." He obeyed and looked at her in silence, waiting to hear more. She hid her face. The few words she had addressed to him, after a struggle with herself, fell slowly and reluctantly from her lips. She said: "No mortal hand held the hands of John Zant. The guardian spirit was with me.

"Is it a real haunted house, Billie, or are you fooling?" "Well, I don't know that it is a regular honest-to-goodness one," admitted Billie reluctantly. "You see, it is the house Aunt Beatrice used to live in when she was at home, and she left it to me, with everything in it." "How perfectly glorious!" cried Laura, clapping her hands with delight. "Tell us about it, Billie.

He pinched me so hard in a rage with me," she said a little sulkily. "Give me your arm," I said. She held it out reluctantly. I looked at the bruise, then I rolled the sleeve back a little farther, and in it found a heavy gold bangle with a boss on one side corresponding with the size of the mark on the flesh.

When, the year before, she had reluctantly suffered herself to be torn from the joys of Paris, she had been sustained by the belief that her exile would not be of long duration. Once Paris was out of sight, she had even found a certain lazy charm in the long warm days at Saint Desert.

I'll be back on the four-o'clock flight tomorrow afternoon, and, with luck, I won't have to go again. If I do, it will be only for a day." "Okay," Rick said reluctantly. "We'll settle in, but we won't move in. We'll sleep on the boat. No need to use up your linens and stuff when we have sleeping bags if the weather is cold and cotton blankets when it's warm.

"Oh, we'll let be as you sagely suggest!" And they did. More pig-sticking next morning, with two tuskers for trophies; and thereafter, they travelled reluctantly back to harness, by an afternoon train, feeling without exception healthier, happier men. None of them, perhaps, was more conscious of that inner renewal than Lance and Roy.