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The trap pitched more than ever as she came up into the shafts and back into her harness; she twisted suddenly to the left into a narrow lane, cleared the corner by an impossible fluke, and Fanny Fitz was hurled ignominiously on to Rupert Gunning's lap.

We made a stand against this, and were able to bring him out to his work; but it was too much for him, and he died in harness, as he had wished.

But Ulysses had made his men harness the rams of the flock three abreast, with osiers which they found on the floor of the cave. To the middle ram of the three one of the Greeks suspended himself, so protected by the exterior rams on either side.

Long before I reached Hospenthal, a mile or so from Andermatt, I was disturbed by strange cries to the accompaniment of harness bells. "Yo-icks, Yo-icks, G-o-ne away!" was borne after me with all the force of stentorian lungs, and looking round I saw to my horror a second carriage coming on at top speed, and beyond all question aiming to overtake us.

The yells of the rebels, the running away of teams, the heavy sound of artillery, were enough to 'frighten the souls of fearful adversaries. Mules broke away from their wagons and hitching places, some with halters, some with harness and singletrees dangling at their heels.

With that the damsel took her leave, and departed the same way she came. So they all took their harness and met together in the meadows by Camelot, and the queen and all her ladies sat in a tower to see.

They had been walking toward a pile of rocks some little way from the cluster of cabins. Now he sat down and smiled impudently across at her. "That's my business," she flung back stormily. Genially he nodded. "So it is. Mine, too, when we trot in double harness." Her scornful eyes swept up and down him. "I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth." "No.

But so soon as the servant took hold of a horse to harness him for the taxed-cart, an officer touched him on the shoulder "My friend, you must let that beast alone he's down in the schedule." "What!" said Robert, "am I not to take my master's horse to go my young leddy's errand?" "You must remove nothing here," said the man of office, "or you will be liable for all consequences."

Even good reputations. Everything was pushed aside, and work or no work, teachers and children celebrated by one mad revel of skipping. There are many things to do, and getting into the old harness of steady routine work and living on the tap of a bell, is not so easy as it sounds, after years of live-as-you-please. But it is good for the constitution and is satisfying to the soul.

At the entrance of the house was an open traveling coach, to which were harnessed two bay horses which pawed the ground impatiently, and shook their heads so that the bright harness rattled loudly. Ritz and Edi disappeared again. These sounds were irresistible to them. Now 'Lizebeth rushed in. "There is a strange gentleman below with the master," she reported.

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