"This is where I enter," Tracey Miles whispered to Dundee, and, at a nod from the young detective, the pudgy little blond man strode jauntily into the living room, proud of himself in the role of actor. "Hello, everybody! How's tricks?" he called genially, but there was a quiver of horror in his voice under its blitheness.

Get your things off and I'll tell you all about it." Claire handed her mother the package of pastries. "I heard about it to-day," she said, coldly. "But Mrs. Towne knows the whole thing from A to Z," insisted Mrs. Robson, genially. "I'm not interested in the details," Claire returned, doggedly. Mrs. Robson's face wore a puzzled, almost a harried, expression. Claire moved away.

And you know we are not! The line runs yonder, just beyond that big white rock on the creek-bank. And you are a good ten feet on my side. Where, if you please, you are not wanted." "That isn't a pretty enough thought to bear repetition," he offered genially. "Look here, Terry Temple, what's the use " "Are you going? Or do you intend just to squat there like a toad and spoil the view for me?"

In response to his hail, the Japanese on the yacht stood up with the part-plucked chicken. The man said something to him, put aside the book, got into the white skiff lying astern, and rowed to the landing. As he came alongside the stage, he pulled in his oars, caught hold, and said good morning genially. "Why, I know you," Saxon said impulsively, to Billy's amazement. "You are.. .."

With these words he advanced to the door of the little room and opened it. Just outside stood Fogerty, smiling genially. "Glad to meet you again, Mr. Mershone," he said. "May I come in? Thank you." While Mershone stood bewildered by this unexpected apparition the detective entered the room, closed the door carefully, and putting his back to it bowed politely to Madame Cerise.

The service over, several of the worshipers took up some Talmud folio or other holy book and proceeded to read them aloud in the familiar singsong. The strange surroundings suddenly began to look like home to me One of the readers, an elderly man with a pinched face and forked little beard, paused to look me over "A green one?" he asked, genially.

There were cowslips and primroses, too, which the boys last year had planted upside down that they might come variegated. The earliest violet was gathered there, for the corner was enclosed on three sides, and somehow the sunshine fell more genially in that untrimmed spot than in formal gardens where it is courted.

"Our acquaintance hath been of the shortest," he said genially, when the maid, the witnesses, and I had reached the foot of the hillock, "but I have taken a liking to you and would fain do you a service. Moreover, I lack employment. The maids take me for a hedge parson, and sheer off to my brethren, who truly are of a more clerical appearance. Whereas if they could only look upon the inner man!

"Provisions are being provided," replied her uncle, genially smiling at her praise. However scornfully the Major might view his preparations he was himself mightily proud of them. "Tinned stuff, I presume," remarked his brother-in-law. "John Merrick has a weakness for tin cans, having got his money out of them." "You're wrong," protested Uncle John.

"Indeed," said the military person more genially, his palate savouring the exquisite aroma of the cigar. Archibald smiled tenderly. "His wife's an old flame of mine," he explained, veiling his emotion with jocular phraseology. "An old flame, did I say? I'm still over head and heels in love with her. But I was too late she and John had already made their little arrangements.