He waited a few moments, unwilling to call out, lest he should spoil his comrade's shot, but feeling disturbed. The punt was about fifty yards from Jim and the heavy shot would not spread much; Jake admitted that his disturbance was perhaps illogical, but he did not like the way the big gun pointed. When the punt was level with him he stepped out from the bank.

I confess to fearing greatly that there will be an early outpouring of these rascals from the mountains into the adjacent lowlands the moment we are compelled to fall back and let loose the iron grip with which we have held them thus far partially in check. Yet I do not say this to frighten you, or in any way spoil the pleasure of your contemplated visit." "Indeed I shall not permit it.

I will keep clear of evil things lest they spoil the feelings I have for you. I.... There are thoughts like prayers.... And, darling ... I do not believe in God ... yet I know that through you I shall find ... something the same as God...." He could not say it all. But it communicated itself in their long unpassionate kiss. They crept out of the dark house that had heard them as out of a church.

Do I know anything about your combinings? 'No no, sir certainly not; not by any means, returned Brass. 'If you so wink and nod at me, said the dwarf, looking about him as if for his poker, 'I'll spoil the expression of your monkey's face, I will. 'Don't put yourself out of the way I beg, sir, rejoined Brass, checking himself with great alacrity. 'You're quite right, sir, quite right.

If deposited in small quantities, these materials may be absorbed, as it is termed, that is to say, got rid of, by natural processes, which even now we understand but imperfectly. If deposited more abundantly, they press upon and gradually spoil the healthy parts in which they are seated, and thereby interfere with the proper performance of their duties.

I ask for no one's opinion of you. Can't you trust to that insight of which women are supposed to be happily possessed?" She smiled a little. "I never boasted of any divining power." He came nearer. "Come, you and I have gone by rule and reason long enough. Here we have a magnificent impulse; let us follow. Don't ask me to wait, that would spoil it all; considerations would come in."

Shattuck's back was toward her when he replied. "Sorry to spoil any more illusions, dear child, but how about the long list of men who are annually ruined by it? The men in the prisons, the men who kill themselves, the men who hang for it?" "Those are crimes. I am not talking of the criminal classes, but of the world in which normal people live."

In the American Revolution, no man sought or wished for more than to defend and enjoy his own. None hoped for plunder or for spoil. Rapacity was unknown to it; the axe was not among the instruments of its accomplishment; and we all know that it could not have lived a single day under any well-founded imputation of possessing a tendency adverse to the Christian religion.

And I tried to cheer up, and feel better, so that I would not spoil the pleasure of the others at Tom Vallance's house. I tried to picture John as I thought he must be well, and happy, and smiling the old, familiar boyish smile I knew so well. I had sent him a box of cigars only a few days before, and he would be handing it around among his fellow officers. I knew that! But it was no use.

There would be some good strokes of business to be made in that case, and it behooved everybody to count up his cash, unearth his savings and to see how he stood, so as to secure his share of the spoil of Saint-Lange.